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Faith Tagle Jun 2
I feel like I'm in that cycle again
Where you fill me so much of your love until I'm drunken by it
To make me fall deeply in love with you
And once I do, you step back, you hold back
The confusion game begins

I start to wonder, what have I done wrong?
Am I not enough for you? Or am I too much?
Is there someone else?

When you don't look at me the way you used to,
Who do you look at?
When you don't tell me you love me,
Who do you tell it to?
When you...

I've wondered and often so wondered
These doubts pushed me to hold back just the same
To go back to doing things on my own
To build a wall around me
Higher than me, higher than you

I'd be strong for awhile
But you always had your way of breaking through that wall
Again and again
And then the cycle of the game begins
Faith Tagle Jul 2019
Love is vast. It's immensible.
Love can be someone else's joy while it can be someone else's pain.
Love can feel so wonderful and yet can be easily taken for granted or taken away.
But what makes a GREAT love story?

Is it the person
you decided to spend your whole life with
but his heart went astray
and you ask yourself
"Wasn't I enough?"
But you still choose to forgive him, accept him
and love him
even when he least deserved it.

Is it the person right in front of you
The way he treats you
the way he serves other people
that's beyond compare
One look at him
You say to yourself
"He's the most beautiful person"
His smile, his heart
He was your everything
But in a glimpse,
the disease took him away.

Is it the person
you've committed yourself to
the person you shower with your utmost care
the person you continue to pursue
the person you keep choosing to love
even when you've questioned yourself and your gestures,
"Is this still all worth it?"
but you swallow your pride
and still patiently wait for her to give you the affection
like she used to.

Is it the person you first met
and in an instant you knew she was the one
Til it became a dream come true
to finally have her to spend the rest of your life with
Not knowing those years could be abruptly cut short
So you watched her
as she went through all the tests, losing her hair,
But you stood by, became her pillar of strength,
and she continued to fight
and came out from it gracefully
proving, "Our faith is bigger than this."

Is it the couple
who've been married for more than a decade
who thought they already knew each other so well
and yet day by day
they were always discovering
something new from each other
Day by day, there were struggles
Desires and needs not being met
The stress was beginning to take
its toll on their marriage
But they humbled themselves
before each other, and decided,
"We're going to put in the effort.
We're not giving up on us."

All these stories are great.
After all, love is forgiveness.
Love is chasing after her heart. It is patient.
Love is trust. Love is respect.
Love is never giving up and
sometimes love also means letting go.

— The End —