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Skylar Keith Jan 2018
Shimmering lightly as you move
Lights bouncing off of your high features
I think this must be a dream

You'd never do this
Yet here you are
Moving against me as the night fades

Gestures into touches
Gazes into stares
Thoughts into actions

Last Night
Tomorrow's night

Soft and warm to the touch
Your skin under my fingertips
We keep coming back to this

Darkness comes
You come
I come
Easing into the working mood of a Saturday
Simone Sep 2017
sweet sweet seduction
tender kisses
and biting lips
you lift me up
I get lost in your eyes
your touches so soft
my heart is beating
I open up
you let me fall
my desire remains
hurting games
sweet sweet seduction
Mihir Kulkarni Oct 2016
All of your thoughts,
All the words you’ve ever said,
All of your touches,
All the stories you’ve ever made...
All of your songs,
All of your handwritten notes,
All of your photos,
All of your beautiful clothes…
Resurface in my dreams
****** night after night,
I wake up in cold sweat
To find you nowhere in sight…

Kaleidoscope of my restless mind
Shows a new picture of you and me,
Solace for the scattered memories
Light of future those couldn’t see…

I can’t bathe in your light anymore
Million stars successfully keep us apart,
All that remains is ether without you
Aimlessly I find your reflection in art…

I let my heart get ripped so often
Try to find happiness in what remains,
I know my dreams are broken
But I like to love the fragments…
Letahbo-lee Sep 2016
Tell me you love me
Tell me when you miss smelling my hair that is half of the time sticky

Don't hesitate to touch me
Let your fingers travel down my spine then around to my belly button
Get my hairs up and my thighs shaking by just looking at me
Be foolish with babe, get your silly faces up my throat till I want to choke out of laughter...

Make me beg you to sing twinkle twinkle for me at midnight, then close it off with the song that says THAT'S HOW STRONG MY LOVE IS...
Together lets be scientists, write a theory on teenage love saying...
Butterflies in your tummy are directly proportional to the sight of your boyfriend/girlfriend, with foolishness, laughter, happiness, honestly and beauty of the soul as a constant measured in ♡beats/s!

Be my go to guy for kitchen robbery and 5 hours naps.
Don't fear to tell me about my ****** appearance, I want to hear it from you especially...I want you to tell me about my pimples and how I look like your grandma when I wake up!

Tell me who you are
I'll tell you who I am
And let's let us tell its own story...
Realeboga M Feb 2016
I want to feel you
Trace every part of my body with your fingers
Make my body scream
In the grasps of ecstasy

Let your eyes linger onto me
As your fingers make trails on my skin
Caress my *******, my stomach, my legs
And more

I want your tongue
To ******* body
I want you to kiss me
Kiss me until I am out of breath
Devour me
All of me
Make me surrender

Let me feel you,
Trace every part of your body with my fingers,
My tongue,
Till your body screams in the grasps of ecstasy.

Let my eyes linger onto you,
As my fingers make trails on your skin,
Let me feel you,
Feel your body tremble as I caress your breast, stomach, legs
And many more.
Baby let me listen to the sounds you make as your body explodes.

I want to taste you
Inside out
I want my tongue to take all of you in
I want to kiss you,
Kiss you until I'm out of breath
Let me devour you.
Surrender to me baby.
Credits to my wifey for writing this with me <3
Joyce Feb 2016
The cold wind touches
my face.
Slowly I wake up.
Quiet morning I embrace.
Thoughts keep spinning
in my head.
Beautiful words you
have said.
You touch my soul.
Making me whole.
In my heart you
will always stay.
If you read my words.
Have a lovely monday.
elouazzani kenza Nov 2015
A part of you goes away ,
To never come back again.
And what is left in you,
Are the scars of yesterday.
The promises, the kisses,
The love you once felt,
The nights, the stars,
The life you once wanted,
The touches, the smells,
The laughs, the tears,
It all goes away,
And what is left in you,
Are the scars of yesterday.
Chiibe-The-Rebel Oct 2015
The sun glistens on the water 
Making it sparkle and shine 
It almost seems alive to me 
This touches my heart

I hear a loon cry 
All alone in the night 
Her song haunts me 
This touches my heart

I see a rose growing in a bed of sand 
Struggling to survive 
It seems to cry out for help to me 
This touches my heart

I hold a new born baby in my arms 
Opening it's eyes to a strange new world 
It's crying for it's mother 
This touches my heart.

All of these things touch my heart 
But none near as much 
As when I see you smile
( A loon is a bird )
My boyfriend made this for me and its the sweetest thing ever xD <3
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