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Lethabo Jan 2019
Took the bow
Pulled the rope and kissed my standards goodbye...
No, it's not my dignity that has been lost, it's the companions of my true soul that I have let down.
I cry in the same tone still
I promise I'm still the same
I'm still broken in the same way
and pretty like since way way...

I took the bow, for a companion
He does not match my soul, no he does not!
But he can fool my heart, just for a little while...
I cry... man I still cry in the same tone!

Being alone my dear friends,
when you are surrounded by voices and smiles is the darkest of woes for human to come to face with.
it's terrible,
I promise it's horrible...
It will make you cry,
but worry not, you'll still be the same... in your tone...
You will still cry in the same tone
because pain, man, PAIN is still spelt the same.
Lethabo Feb 2017
He is
a slow laborious
And I read it
every night!
  Dec 2016 Lethabo
Anne Kho
I am Bold
I am Smart
I am Strong
I am Fun
I am Free
I am a Person
I am Me
  Dec 2016 Lethabo
he doesn't need
the curve of
just any hip
to hold
while he sleeps.
he needs
hips to hold
shoulder to kiss
perfume to breathe.
i know because
its my form
that fits so
against his.
  Dec 2016 Lethabo
we're afraid to
hold each other
too tightly
because we know
we're fragile
and neither
wants to be
the first to
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