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Mitch Prax Oct 30
It’s been awhile
since I last heard your voice.
I miss the way it soothed
every atom in my body.
It’s been awhile
since I last felt your touch
I miss the way it healed
me to the core of my soul.
Thy majestic touch, o God, wounds all the realms of time and carries thy penetrating shaft of light into the ***** of my molten love.
I swim in a basin of pleasure and withdraw my senses from the terrestrial world.
Let thy wave of love inebriate my spirit and lift it up into thy chambers of Heaven.
Siyana Oct 25
As far as I run,
as loud as I scream.
Even if I lose what I have,
I can't bring you back to me...
Jay M Oct 23
Pour down upon me
Fill my nose with your scent
My eyes with your cascading droplets
My ears with your pitter-patter
My hands filling to become small pools
My mouth with your refreshing and cool take-over

Calm me
Then release me
Make me wild
Laughter erupting from deep within

O, what a wonder!
O, what a blissful time!

Bring me life
Make me anew

- Jay M
October 22nd, 2019
else Oct 20
This is my first
And last time noticing
How firm your body is.
Your back a slab of stone,
All hot flesh and bones,
With arms welded from steel.
Yet your heart is ice, winter,
And I know I am not there,
In the hearth,
When I pulled you into
Our last hug.
Have you ever met someone so dear to you, so warm when you first met, but later on you realise it was all a facade? You realise that they are so cold inside, and there is no way to get into their heart...
k Oct 20
never let somebody
you don’t trust
touch you
it’s like granting them
to stroke your wounds
when their fingers
are dunked in vinegar.
Subliminal contact put me in a threshold
Buried by the weight
Began to contemplate
The chill begins to settle in
You can read it from starting from the beginning or end.
I tremble between sheets
And a devoted lover.
Our minds, a canvas,
Crashing into color.
His kiss lingers;
Touch, patient and tender,
Seeking to paint
The cold night.
-I can taste the sensation in my brain
a drug moment defined by you-

a little slip to a lip, to a touch, to much-
such interactions leave my heart in a ****
roll around the cloth in a lump-sum of love
holding onto firm feelings of the swelling of our tongues
back to the white as we dance with our smiles
forth, moving forward in a motion (we won’t turn)-

split the gates wide open
let the honey flow from your wells
face deep in life’s sweet sensations
drinking deep of your sweet nectars-
I will hold firmly to the tiny words cradled in your chest
leaving me breathing until we’re both out of breath-

spread apart, open like a rose in bloom,
our hearts awaken as I hear birds swoon-
a loud and beautiful chirping, given to the space above-
dams held back from bursting forth, no room to keep it held up.
Intertwined, upside down, neck deep in our song,
Flittering and Clittering reversed first in our souls.
a shudder, a touch, and the life of our sound.
his touch
is the only thing
ever known
to be able to
calm this storm
buried deep
inside me
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