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Bhill Feb 2020
the threshold of our reality is disturbing
day after day disruptions in the airwaves block sensibility
airwaves, that before, were comfortable to play in
where is it safe to tinker today

Brian Hill - 2020 # 45
Do you know your reality?
Rae Hogan Sep 2016
The airwaves live in the day.
What they whisper,
I cannot say,
but what I know
is that when they go
their message will live on in my head.

And what's in my head
should not be said
and when the night ends
all that will be found
is a life I could not fit my arms around.
this is the first thing i've written in a while. please be kind.
Talarah Shepherd May 2014
I've been paying attention more to the airwaves of ether we weave
And also the air around town or wherever else
I feel somewhat inclined to sit in a half crossed and dead legged pose
Clicking the keys of letters in hackneyed prose

You notice a noise and you look up to see
You hear the voice that you wanted to be
Calling for you from the opposite wall of the room
That smiles and laughs despite those people who
Scout out the cues like Jr. Detectives
Waves of the ocean
Waves of the brain
Waves of the air rush
Over wires in the rain.

— The End —