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aphroditez Dec 2020
Pay attention to the music
especially its lyrics and tone
whenever I share it with you

untold stories; unsaid words
everything is inside that song
all you have to do is to listen
aphroditez Mar 2020
They told me,
to pour everything i have
and now they are asking me
why am i so empty.
aphroditez Jul 2018
Have I already told you?
that I always miss you
on a day to day basis

Have I already told you?
that I want to hold you
in this cold, lonely night

Have I already told you?
that you're all I see
in this myriad crowd

Have I already told you?
how you look so cute
when you wear that smile

Have I already told you?
that I'm slowly falling
out of love; it's driving me crazy

Have I already told you?
how lucky I am that I've found you
my one and only comfort zone

Have I already told you?
that I'm hurt with words you've said
I thought it was me all along.

But, I was wrong.
that's why I didn't tell you
what I feel about you.

Have I already told you?
how lucky that person is
to be loved by you...
aphroditez Jul 2018
Hey, I'm starting to believe
that maybe at some point
you were absolutely right
about everything

that i was just a dust
in your intergalactic world
while you remained the same
my whole world; my sun.
aphroditez Jul 2018
I was 14 when I first discovered love,
Colors bloom the day when he arrived.
His face was my favorite mystery to solve,
Please just please don't get on my nerves.

For the very first time I laid my eyes on someone,
For such beauty could make you go insane.
Even though he's hiding; you can see easily spot him,
And I'm just someone who has always wished that you can claim.

Forlorn figures painted on my face,
Someone like you that can't be replaced.
Even though you left with no trace,
I won't forget your tight embrace.

Ditching off with you when we both have a curfew,
Out of nowhere sketches of you that I even drew.
Even if those memories can count as few,
I still love you even if you love someone new.
still stuck in the place where you and I collide

— The End —