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Deep in the forest at the turning of the moon
Lovers embrace and dance to their favourite tune

As she floats over the leaves in a well-cut flowing dress
His hand float to her waste in a soft loving caress

Their movement leaves a breath, that sways the glowing due
Faces meet, as smiles grow wide, he’s right this is his cue

Their lips touch, a breath is taken, a taste of love flows in
Her heart stopped for that moment, now it’s his to love, to win

But the moon turned and time was lost, the forest laid quite still
Who will dare to have the next dance?
                                                           I’ll dance with you if you will
I was only loved a little
But I was loved
and that is all I needed
To wake up in the morning
without too much of an ache

To Barbie with friends
with fresh bread and a steak

To have that conversation that
makes you feel good to be alive

Like bringing nectar from a flower
for your friends at the hive

But the greatest prize in life to be won

Is raising good children a daughter a son
After the storm
Squirrels danced around the great oak tree
The sighthound spied from a distance
appraising his chances

instinct took over

Squirrels danced around the great oak tree
with a grin, one eye on the hound

A whippet danced around the great oak tree
aware of the grins
of the squirrels above
wishing he could fly
All happened today before the rain came back
We lay in a field of barley
you smoothed my hair as the wind played
I told you my deepest dreams

You held them in your soft silken hands
and smiled
Then crushed them into sand

I lay in a field of barley, alone
I ponder how long I will sit in your chair
As I lift my right hand and let it run through my hair.

Your concentration is attached to your computer screen
As I study with disdain at your office colour scheme.

I shuffle my seat and aim a smiling glare
Just a reminder that I'm still sat there

You click BUY, to late with a sigh and a yelp
Then look at me with a smile, and say how can I help

I ponder the question, do you really give a ****?
I say, thanks very much I don't think you can
Well I've walked the dog and patted the cat
Washed the dishes and hoovered the mat

Broke up the crusts a feast for the birds
Finished the crossword with all the wrong words

Screamed at the squirrels who ate all the bread
Sat on the sofa I think I'm ready for bed

Checked all my emails and texts on the phone
Now it's time to get tea ready for when the misses comes home

What a day:)
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