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The three kings rode into town with frankincense and myrrh
in the distance they heard a baby's cry, yet not a soul did stir

It brought them to the cattle shed the sight could not be stranger
a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes asleep in a cattle manger

Your destiny was already written your life will save mankind
a legacy of love and hope is what you'll leave behind

But, that was 2000 years ago you tried to cleanse the world of sin
If you're ready for another visit, I think this time you'll win

We've tried to obey all your rules but they've got lost in translation
Not just one or two of us but every worldly nation

We look again into the sky for a sign, three kings, a kind stranger
And we're checking all the cow sheds to see what's in the manger

So when your ready to recruit, we'll all be your congregation
We'll make this world a better place for the people of every nation

We need help
As the tide turned
history was re-written
the victors wrote their name in the sand
and the losers washed out to sea
all was calm or so it seemed
the wind whipped up
white horses charged in a line
at the sand, full of castles, standards flying
children pointing
nothing was spared by the seventh wave
A day at the beach
A cat stalks
A bird sings its last song
A tear falls from the sky
A cat with a bell stalks
A bird sings its songs
A life is saved
I awoke
dreaming I was sleeping
I could smell the air
I could hear the birds
I could not move
I was sleeping
dreaming I was awake

I awoke
and I was scared
There was a moment in my life I just smiled, just because
And the moment of my life I was happy at who I was

Then the moment in my life that we all get if we live that long
The saddest moment of my life, I lived and sang that old sad song

I remember the moment in my life the clouds broke and drifted away
Was the moment of my life I looked back and heard you say

Don’t look back upon your life with sadness and despaired
Walk the paths you have to walk if you need me, I will be there
What is it that attracts us to graveyards
is it the quiet? or the scent of flowers?
No it's the people
the names were real people
the dates were real lifetimes
the messages from children to parents
are heart warming and heart breaking
now the children's names are etched
by the children of the children
and the messages from their children
are as warm and sad as the first
as life goes on
we wounder as we observe
who will write our message
so much love in the messages
carved into stone
gives it a peace
you will only find in
the quiet of
A Graveyard
I awoke one morning from a powerful dream
my brain all flustered as if powered by steam
The images so haunting they had to be saved in word
my imagination could not write it, how absurd
As my pen hovered over my empty note book
should my dream be told, could I be mistook  
Then my powerful dream emptied into the cold morning air
left me saddened and empty and full of despair
I look at it as not a crash, but a very close miss
Because I wouldn't of been able to entertained you by writing this
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