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I walked freely
every step meticulously measured
head in the clouds
feet always in the centre of my
granite paver  
if not it's unlucky, they say
I caught your smile
invading my eyes
I think I smiled
then I felt the edge
so sharp under my plimsolls
my knees buckled as I
fell over the edge
falling, falling
then the pain as you clasped me
and brought me to my feet
ouch I cried
we smiled
as we stood on the edges of my world
we shuffled to the centre
We all plea for life's equality
all the races of our world
It's not the colour of our skin that cripples us
or the boarders from within
It's the greed of the men who steels from us
and they're quest to rule our world  
He knows we'll never meet our neighbours
will we ever cross that line
Come let us sing our song

So our destiny lays with our masters
but we just don't have the time
We prey to the gods they've made for us
so our mind can wonder free
In the hope that he will listen
and give us back some digenite

Come let us sing our song
the song for freedom
redemption song
Ye, been listening to Bob Marley tonight.
I whittled away quietly at life
understanding my limits
and sometimes overstretching
but I always learned on that path
once on the right path I quickly moved on
and never looked back
Quietly people noticed me
which was daunting and exciting
so, I whittled some more
learning from my peers
I expanded their experiences
and my confidence grew
until I met love
which is worldly but solitary also
I whittled some more
but quickly realised
WE needed to whittle together
we did
understanding our needs
separate and whole
became a new challenge
but love conquers all
our whittling complete
our names now carved

Parenthood began
we whittled away quietly at life
My pants draw is empty

Anything for the wash bring it down
you called, yesterday

My wash basket overflowing in the corner
commando, I thought, Na

My sister was out
No, I thought, maybe I cringed
what if I get runover?

Anyway, I didn't get run over

Sisters do come in handy:)
A smile for the day.
The words you wrote were at first
calming and friendly
then as you looked into my soul
you changed
your world became mysterious, devious, violent
yet I could not let you go
I became you, I lived your words,
I craved your mysteries
then, when you both met, at first I was angry
I was ready to let go
but then I realised it was me
there with you
until the very last page
and until...
The End
We all need a good book.
The sad old man walked down the rickety road
his path was blocked by an angry toad
and a Japanese lady sat on a commode
on a great white stallion she rode

So he checked his bag of therapeutic ****
note said only take if you feel the need
should have read that before he did concede
on his bag of munchies he did feed
My petals fell
in that winter sleep
Snow cradled me
to the earth so deep
Until the sun broke free
made the branches weep
As the blossoms bloomed
their secrets to keep
And the lambs made play
watched by flocks of sheep
As my petals awoke
the mad summer did hares leap
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