Jonny blaze Jan 21

My life consist of complex inginueity striving to be original but molding to the harshness of what the world is doing to me. Am i wrong for contemplating my lifes decisions. Because this isnt the way things where suppost to come out in my own depiction on the out come of my life. Maybe its my thoughts that are making me insane since i constanly think all i am is trash but theres a saying one persons trash is another treasure not sure if weather to believe it or not because woman come and go i just dont measure up to the dream guy. Maybe its my icebox heart that lets them see the coldness in my eyes gazing into theres filling false hopes of prosper and love each seem to be lies. Just to watch them break down in tears with no remorse when i see them cry since id rather not catch feelings being to scared to see where true love coulf take me honestly i dont know why. Im screaming in rage from the inside like im traped in a four corner room staring at walls hyperventilating unable to get out im balled up  feeling trapped im at a loss. Maybe you the reader cant understand what i mean maybe you can i feel like my life has been a bunch of ups and downs more downs then ups i was just a accidental nut that swam into the womb since my fathers pull out game wasnt fast enough now im stuck with the harsh reality of a cold world that beats me down after i get back up when will enough be enough maybe i need to find love and stop trying to hide the void wheres my diamond in the rough maybe I'm thinking again to much enough is enough

Nova Echevarria Aug 2016

Instand of thinking ending your life why don't you think about positive something positive
Instand of ending your life why don't think about about hang out w some your friends or old friends Instand of thinking about ending your life why don't you think about visiting your family Instand of ending your life why don't you think about visiting people who love u an care for you Instand of ending your life why don't call call them up and see how they doing Instand thinking about ending your life why don't you try make some money at your job or getting a job Instand of ending your life why don't you think about getting own Instand of ending your life why don't you think about be with your girlfriend or get a new one Instand ending your life why don't think about planning your future Instand of your life why don't you think about getting your own place Instand thinking ending your life why don't you follow dreams Instand of thinking of ending your life why don't you follow your heart

Trying positive and trying to support others to think positive as well .
Daina Jul 2016

In the black of night I'll hear her whimper
My name
As if in a dream,
But it was only my own.
A light touch,
A smile.
My beloved miles away-
Miles away.
Yet never too far to travel for my heart
Or my mind.

I really am tired, don't really know why I'm writing this or what I'm going for in it.
Teresa Alaska May 2016

Its not like i´m envious
I don´t hate you for doing so great
But when i look at how amazing you´re going
I look into myself
Searching for good
And i see nothing
No future
Lost dreams
Broken pieces
Destroying myself
With a razor and a bottle
Used cigarettes
Spreading ashes in my lungs
Broken skin
Broken heart

It's not like i'm envious of you
I'm just disappointed at myself


Jack Apr 2016

A right of passion or presumptive plea,
Resting a broken head on bended knee,
Seeking a second chance to finish third,
Or some salvation in a prayer misheard,
Atop your graffiti kingdom, shotgun glare,
Choking down that manufactured air,
While men gain strength from all you lack
But grow no taller standing on your back,
And you read them like a burning book,
As home became the stands you took,
Finding shelter beneath the lowest rung,
Or solace on some fool’s gold tongue,
But your compass heart has been misled,
By monsters swirling through your head,
As they tirelessly stoke the fires of doubt,
That weary feet can’t quite stomp out,
But in time, you’ll chase away that blaze,
If you refuse to become your darkest days,
There is always a road from the abyss,
So as I leave you, please remember this:
You are more than what you’ve been,
Embrace each ending, start again.

Laken Cooper Mar 2016

We are the poisoned youth.
Poisoned words, for making someone feel better
Poisoned eyes, for seeing lies but doing nothing
Poisoned ears and mouth, for staying quiet even if we heard something that can make change
Poisoned hands, for doing everything just to be the best even if it's wrong
Poisoned hearts, as we try to love the wrong person and it gives us pain
and poisoned minds, when we believe in lies
Again, we are the poisoned youth.

Read poisoned youth somewhere and came up with this.
Lala Mar 2016

Love is stupid she said.
And I said, love is wonderful. And I know one day you will feel the same way. You will be so in love, I promise you, that you will write wonders about him and your mind, will always, drift to him, and your heart, will race from the beauty of him and the love he has for you and you have for him.

Patience on love my friend, it will come.

Those who are in love and will be forever in love with your partners know the feeling. It's beautiful and, love is real no doubt.

Thank you for reading. xo

I write a hundreds poems per year
My mind explode in words every day
But still I havn't got the point
The point of the poems I write
Cuz what is point of poetry?

Is it to get followers and be famous ?
Is it for processing your thoughts
Is it to compete with friends who write?
I dont know? I just write, like right now
I just write all my thoughs down everyday
but why?

Knit Personality Jan 2016

I regard reincarnation
With a certain trepidation:
If you must suffer in each life, instead
I’d rather be irreversibly dead.


abs Dec 2015

You were fucking lovely
And then you're not

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