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Kewayne Wadley Mar 2018
I've been lazy.
Listening to one side over and over.
In constant rewind, traveling to a better time.
I realized so much more.
Flipping the tape over.
Following the sound of your voice.
I smiled so much.

It's not that I preferred one side over the other.
Finding error in my mistake.
In truth I thought things would never change.
The world finding convenience.
Music forever changed.
The click of a tape being ejected now shared between us both.
Lazily laying.
The voice in my head singing along with yours.
A long feeling that starts as brief.
Enjoying song after song.
Exclusively living in heaven.
To sit with my headphones and listen to the only tape that reminds me of you.

Our endless conversation.
A fear of the tape jamming.
Since then I've become lazy.
Before and after buying batteries.
In constant fear that any moment the cassette player will eat the tape.
And I'll forever lose your voice
Andrew T Jan 2017
Kiss me good-bye until the thunder stops clapping,
until the moon starts glowing, until we all crawl
back to the fireplace, where the logs are burning
and the kids are laughing. Take me to the underground,
to a place I’ve never heard about.
Make me forget how I’ve hurt you.
Ask me questions, even if I can’t give you
all the answers.
Please accept my excuses, even if they’re useless.
Drink coffee with me, beneath the terrace,
as the smokers vape, and the drinkers guzzle.
Tell me what you love about the sunshine
that peeks under the rainclouds.
And tell me to stop,
if I’m talking too much.
Because I can listen to you speak,
on this cassette tape, over and over.
Press play.

— The End —