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In the beginning  it was all fun and games

It was nice to have you caring for me

The next time it happened you left me behind

I didn't care, I was feeling just fine

When I noticed it was getting out of my control

I decided I should probably stop

As hard as I could, I tried to end what you begun

As hard as I could, I just couldn't do

It was eating me from the inside out

I hated but thanked you for proving me weak.

I thought I could fight it, I can't without him

And now that he's left, there's a hole in my chest

I've tried to fill it with all I could think

His presence was just too big for me to succeed

What I thought was right was just making me numb

Now that he's gone I found out

I need him more than before

"I'll see you

In another life"

That's all you said when you left me that night

I was too proud to admit what it was

You were my drug

And once you were gone

All the symptoms showed up

Trying to replace one thing with another

Easier said than done

But I see a light at the end of this road

I thought I'd lost you

But perhaps I didn't

I know how to see you again

I'll just trace back all your steps

I will, too, leave my everything behind

But not really

Since you're all I want
DarbyCorliss Dec 2017
The boy smiled
The girl flinches
As if the smile would disappear
She crossed
Fearing the bridge would collapse
She hesitated

...Took a breathe

Then looked again...

He disappeared
She lingered
Am I doing this right? First timer here~
Natasha Dec 2017
falling, down a deep dark hole
the light at the end slowly descends
as you too,
drift into madness.

Welcome to Wonderland.

if you can dream it, you may have it, my dear.
and if you see it? it's not real my dear.
if you can touch it, it is only touching you
you are do not exist
you are but a figment of one's imagination
trapped inside a physical realm.

the wise old caterpillar, grey from never metamorphosizing,
curls down the dewy leaf
he murmurs
"scream, no one will hear you
hide, no one will find you
run, and you'll tire, just to end up right where you're standing now
you can escape all fury and pain in the world
but you can never run away from yourself."
Vyiirt'aan Nov 2017
''As I saw you standing there
      Eyes teary amongst the mass
I took you in,,

                                                           ­             ''As I saw you standing there
                                                           ­                       My legs were shaking
                                                         ­                 You held me dear,,

''As I took you in
      You never saw the daylight again,,

                                                        ­                     ''As you took me in
                                                              ­                      I knew I was at home,,
Majid Nov 2017
During my ambitious journey
I've never felt any place I lived in
But the past I lived in

The smells I have smelt
Crawling down the sense
I have missed to sense

The touch of the beauty
Defined by an angel rather-
Than me, the selfish thing

The laughs confused with cries
Oh! What I got myself into-
But smiles upon sad skins

Melancholy melodies swaying over-
Soft lullabies stream in slow motion
Like a waterfall down her lips

Grumpy kids walking innocently
Smiley parents rushing guiltlessly
My pale face feels nothing, endlessly

I get up on my knees slowly
That’s the highest I could get
Then sunk back to the future
The one I have always left
Seema Aug 2017
I'll keep my face covered
For, if it scares you
I'll hide myself in the cupboard
As my presence haunts you

You ignore me completely
As if, I am never there
And wonder aimlessly
Gazing blankly with a stare

I am you, whom you've forgotten
Your own shadow, your mystical reflection
Not a face with freckle scales or rotten
Why you, do not see? why a rejection?

You are beautiful, like a shining jade
Sparkling your surround everyday
With rare herbs you are made
Why do you not see yourself, this way?

Look down in a pool of water
See your reflection posing
Your seen self looks hotter
You are winning not losing

Don't be afraid as this syndrome will pass by
Just stay focussed and look around
You are lovely yet too shy
See, that's your shadow on the ground...

Self confidence is very important.
Miss Clofullia May 2017
you drank it all.

even though there's nothing left
in the bottle,
it is you that feels empty,
like an eggshell that your mother found
in the chicken that your father killed,
that didn't have the chance of the frying pan at least.

you drank it all.
no Juliet around,
no Shakespeare
no talent,
no tale.

you drank it all.
no strippers,
no angels,
no thieves!

you drank it all.

some may call it
messianic delusion syndrome,
but I call it..
cheap Chardonnay.
Äŧül May 2017
A** baby was born to two angels,
Sweet more than honey he was,
Page another in history added,
Enriched as the parent's beloved,
Rosary of loneliness he beaded,
Groups he was always hesitated,
Enshrined in my body he was,
Robbed of happiness always,
Securing his own spheres.
I have been diagnosed with the adult version of Asperger's Syndrome and it is not a disease but it is just a condition where slight to extreme repulsiveness to the social spheres creeps up the nerves of a really intelligent fellow due to the sequence of events in their life and they usually have a high IQ but fail to understand social interactions.

My HP Poem #1537
©Atul Kaushal
J Mei May 2017
My love was the brutal and bitter kind,
frayed at the edges.
I gave it to giants and gods,
as giants and gods demanded.
Righteous was a fiction,
and I was only small.
My love had changed,
as I had changed,
and neither for the better.
Structural damage is done,
wear and tear on our souls,
worn and torn by far too much cruelty.
I have no indignation left,
and I hate the creature they have made of me.
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