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Kewayne Wadley Apr 2018
Sometimes I miss you.
The music from the speakers the only thing to fill the blanks of a rotating fan.
The rhythm to ease the silence.
Remembrance of how you sound,
Sometimes I miss you.
Negating myself with quick tugs & pulls.
I hang at your leisure.
Drawn to life at the rise of your head
I am lost without you
Daisy Rae Apr 2018
I knew it was over
When I stopped thinking about
Our future
And I started thinking about
a serious switch
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
They capture our life up until death,
So our soul and life lives on.
But I wonder, who will see what's after them and maybe what's before?
History class seems boring, all those old stories.
I wonder, what if we were the history?
And it was our picture in place of their's?
Would we feel the same, thinking our stories are boring?
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
Be remembered with smile and make sure history won't be boring
Cat Lynn May 2018
Can you envision it now? An Inverted World?
Where colors go beyond their definition...

Shades of shadows transforming as beams of white
They do the opposite of their given mission

Praise the Lord we don't live in an Inverted World
Where Comfort and Chaos try to share one frame

The morning's flawless innocent white clouds scatter away and are replaced by black clouds that will start a new reign

Our minds will try to solve this puzzle as a sun of dark radiance blast it's curse over the nation

The forgiving pink roses turn against us as their petals allow green jealousy to manifest their vision

The diamonds that covered the sky at night would only be small shadow reminders of the new sun that leaves us breathless

The Night would be purer then Daytime it's self. The Elements water and fire would have switched identities. These changes are endless

Praise God we don't live in an inverted world. Where our skin looks like it was painted in ashes

Or for those with a darker tone, look like their body have been invade by an icy storm encouraged by magic

The Lord instructed color to have a meaning, commanded nature to have a destiny and a desire...

Again, Thank you Savior, for your mercy of an orderly world, where shades are in their places, and harmony is not a liar

Coloration embraces it's role and refuses to fail it's task to symbolize it's emotion...

How truly lucky and blessed we are..
*That We Don't Live In An Inverted World...
Embrace it...
For it is His mercy...
Torias Aug 2017
Watch you
Miss me
All it takes is time,
Watch me
Walk away
After missing you
The long while.
All it takes is time.
Andrew Kelly Mar 2017
Change starts
With the formation of habit.
The simplest action
Will flip that switch in your frontal lobe.

The reason we call
What we do on a regular basis
A habit,
Is because we live in the decisions we make everyday.
Gabriel burnS Dec 2016
The shelter,
The harbor,
The home,
The heartfelt warmth
Weaving through marrow and bone,
Undulating softness like no other
All in the lulling of a song,
The voice of the mother.
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