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MeanAileen  Sep 2018
MeanAileen Sep 2018
I can't wait to get you out of my life
no one has ever been so cruel...
no one has ever been so heartless,
or made me feel like such a fool.
I thought that I really loved you
I was in love with your other face...
the one I haven't seen in so long,
the one that vanished without a trace.
Oh, I just can't wait till you get up & go
and leave without saying goodbye...
leaving me alone, dearly departed,
leaving me alone while I cry.
You're sadistic, selfish and hurtful,
you're a bully and you've taken aim...
then point your fingers in my face,
but **** that! I won't take the blame!!
Yes, I wish that you were just a ghost
of the worst mistake I ever made...
of the one who ripped my soul apart
while I pulled the pin of his granade.
You treat random dogs better then me
even though you say I'm such a *****...
I just need to get you out of my life,
like Boost Mobile, it's time I switch.
Another one he'll never see....
It's just me venting anyway
PlaneJane  Dec 2018
Light Switch
PlaneJane Dec 2018
I stopped doing what I loved.
I was depressed and isolated.
Then one day in that isolation, I started to dance,
remembering all the things I once loved.
Randomly, beautifully, my mindset changed.
MARIO  Aug 2018
Switch Up
MARIO Aug 2018
Your eyes were a beautiful bluish black,
I was addicted to them like crack,
Our love was sweet like Applejacks,
We were doing good keeping things on track,
But one day your love just started to lack,
You were always seeking some feedback,
You wanted to leave and I let you pack,
To you our love was but a knickknack,
I lost your love and had a heart attack,
Now that I’m dead I’m taken aback,
Your heart was a twisted bluish black.
Clay Feet  Feb 2015
Clay Feet Feb 2015
Crack in the ceiling
Expensive repair.

Crack in the glass    
Duct tape

Crack of a switch
Stripe the *****

Crack of a gun
Someone's done

Crack the vein
Relieve pain

Crack of lightning

Crack the whip

Crack my skull
My mind mulls

Crack the mirror
Old wives’ tales dither

Crack the door
It's  her …

Crack of her ***
Beautiful tail
Ends this tight little piece
Kenji Mar 29
Vanity stole me
Vanity corrupted me
Vanity tranquilized me
Vanity disrupted me

These lines have me thinking wrong thoughts, thoughts that are of uncanny nature and vain thoughts of selfishness and unhealthy erotica.
Vanity took all the sanity away from the head, and left me alone, not even therapy can stabilize me, I rebuild my soul.
I'm out of my mind, and I'm yellin' out, vanity
Like a drug itself, these lines are like decaf and vanity is my addictive curse.
Addiction not to the drug, but to the feeling of such an intense self love, it eats you up inside, you take the substance to escape the sinful feeling.
Logic, and proportion, all dead.
Losing myself,
Get out of my head.
Get out of my thoughts.
Nothing to say ...
jerrey  Apr 2018
On/Off Switch
jerrey Apr 2018
In the sun
Day’s begun
Stay awhile
And we smile
Feel alive
Take the dive
Pretty face
Sunny days

In the dark
Nighttime starts
Leaving soon
Harrowing croon
Feel no more
Lock the door
Wretched face
Numbered days
ryn  Jan 2015
ryn Jan 2015
\       |       /

\               •think my               /
pen's almost dry•it's get-
ting oh so hard•ideas seem to just
\   fly on by•i'm unable to deal any more   /
cards•bottom of the barrel•i seem to be
scraping•trapped in a long, dark tunnel•
coherence eluding...the words that need
inking•i need a simple little trick...•to
soothe this perpetual itch•need my
/        bulb come on really quick•hope-        \
fully as soon as I flick on
/               the...switch•               \
|   ooooooooooo   |
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