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Lela Jun 2019
The sunlight wakes me up at 10 am, but I’m not even thinking about getting out of bed

It’s just seems so distant, impossible to reach
I know I sound dumb but it ain’t easy for me

Something keeps me nailed to this bed
I can’t move my limbs, I’m ashamed of myself

This has to end now, I can’t live this way
I lie to myself like this
Getting out of bed should be easy but it’s not.
Sarah Odeh Jul 2018
Silent mornings and empty beds. I cook for one.
28 day snapchat streaks, “***” “lol” and “***”.
Walking by your mom’s house. You’ll run out that door any minute...?
New friends in class. They’re temporary and they know it.
Job applications stacked on my bed. I’ll quit within 3 months.
Getting breakfast at LP almost every morning. They’re the only ones left who know my name.
I count the days until summer ends, and with it my loneliness.
37, in case you were wondering.
Even temporary losses induce a constant ache.
Galatea Georgiou Dec 2016
The light came in from the window
Forming stripes on the sheets
The night is long
No, that wasn't the Sun rising up
It was the beautiful Selene setting
July's full moon above the city
A city foreign to me
A city i love and hate
A city i am going to leave soon
It was like she was saying goodbye
To a weary soul
I am going home after a long time
Or am i?
I'm not quite sure yet
These days i feel lost
I guess it's my summertime sadness
As i lay there motionless
Selene slowly disappears
And soon the Sun will take her place
I will still be there laying
While planets move
While time moves
While life moves
N May 2016
And no I ain't complaining
But your messy hair restrains me
To the antisocial talks that never ended
I should have known that I'm not the one.

Our different scarlet letters
Chasing backyard dreams together
Making plans called forever
But i should've known
That I'm not the one.

And now I stand unapologetically
In the faded memories
Flashing back like sombre breeze
Of last summer
When it was you and me.

— The End —