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Carmella Rose Sep 2020
just wanna kiss you and forget about this,
but you're in my head 24/7
unfocused mind all over these bad thoughts,
you just make me feel alive and it feels wrong
and i want to stop but it's like a drug
making me delusional
then waking up alone all over again

do you remember how i smirked
or how my voice is at 2am
'cause we've been in love and not at the same time
i'm the only one who stayed
don't you like my danger?
don't you love the devil in me
but you've released the danger
so why are you running
when i'm your hell heaven destination

why'd we took this scenic route
that ends only in horror
how sad, for me to walk away
when i'm still stuck in love
we loved one another
never discovered
too scared to try

somewhere on August you told me you liked me
the other day you've left me hanging
how does it feel to bring back the dead
only to **** it all over again
I don't know when this started, if it started when we first gazed at each other's eyes or how you saw my pictures, but even then we can't change what we did, which is hurt each other.
Siya? Crush na crush ko dati.
Ako? Hindi ako marunong lumandi.
Kaya lagi lang ako nasa isang tabi pinagmamasdan siya,
Na tumitingin habang nakangiti siya sa crush niya.
Parang boto nga pamilya niya sakin, pero di pwede maging kami kasi siya nga mismo sa iba nakatingin.
Hindi ako crush ng crush ko dati.
Hindi rin ako malungkot kasi hindi rin siya crush ng crush niya.
Patas lang diba?
Pero ngayon....
Iba na kasi ang sitwasyon.
Malungkot na ako.
Crush ko siya noon,
Mahal ko na ngayon....
Bunny ko! Isa ka sa mga inspirasyon ko kaya ako nagdidiet. Mahal kita kahit di mo ako mahal. Darating ang araw na makakalimutan rin kita.
Carmella Rose Sep 2020
hello dear stranger of ghost town,
with good hair and tanned-skin,
i honestly thought i wouldn't able to like someone else
but i liked how you showed me the different hues of halo
and you saw my thunders and storms
you made me feel as if my scars are beautiful
i'm forever thankful for those late nights
morning talks and lil fights
for being a happiness in a short time

for making me feel emotions again,
you saw me in different phases like the moon
i am imperfect, and unstable
i still have those times where i feel every emotions
and it hurts so bad
but when i talk to you, when i hear your voice
i feel safe, i am at home,
you were my daisy at a lost place
and i adored you from afar

i still don't know why'd this have to end in silence,
when all i want is you, in every sunsets in every angers i've had
i would've stayed, but you left
i think this is goodbye?
and now all i have is  numb heart and memories.
i liked you, you were that first boy after the tragedy that i actually truly liked, but we became strangers again when we didn't even became close to lovers, it's okay, i'll be okay, i've missed you.
Carmella Rose Sep 2020
let's start with a simple hi,
and end with a ferocious goodbye
do you remember the first night we've said i love you
that's like my taste of first kiss,
never thought i'd give my love so easily
just to be broken in a bliss..

i kept telling these tales inside my head
that this is only a phase, a nightmare someday i'd wake up to
but it's been almost 2 years and it still feels
like a storm and mess inside of my heart
and all those places, i see your ghost
and past laughs and goofs,

i don't wanna move on from the realest thing i've ever had,
i want you to call me by my name and tell me it'll be okay
and hold my hand again even for the last time,

i've tried playing fire, destroyed my memories with you
chose recreate it with others, failed as a failure like me,
i wanna scream at you, but really i just want you back..

why'd we end up here, can you please tell me why?
maybe i'll never get over, but i'll always love you like how rosie loved alex.
Carmella Rose Jul 2020
men are amazing
‘til one draws the game
and one burns a skin

i love your foolish words
and how you think
you cured me with ‘em
you thought a queen would vow?
yes, but never to a piece of pawn
of the enemy, only to the her king

calls, morning texts, goodnights
oh how i love them
sweet, vulnerable, innocent moments

you’ve got everything fit to ******
the crown but wait—
i am the crown,
built with steal of broken hearts
and mental shocks

if you think i am madly in love
well think again
salts can be deceiving as like a sugar
you know i’ve got a long list of ex lovers
all of em turned to ashes
because each ones i’ve burned quite well
from ashes to roses they all come back at once

begging for my love,
because never once i chased
and if we’re on a long ride
baby it’s gonna be hell

this is my game of love
it will leave you with a nasty scar
you won’t forget this angelic face
i’ll leave you wanting more.
the girl who once fell in love, now plays the game of hearts, she’s stronger and undestructable, one heartbreak could really change you and it’s been a torture to fall again.
Carmella Rose Jul 2020
i don’t wanna love you more
i don’t wanna love you less
i just wanna love you better
i wanna do it right even though i know this won’t last, i feel so scared and insecure but i will try, and i hope it’ll be okay by time.
Carmella Rose Apr 2020
i love you
like that only moon
on the night sky
no other stars could compare
only you who is the sun
at day time warmth
and rose to be the light
when darkness comes
only you that sets fire
to thy heart
and healing
through the soul.
you’re the only one from the beginning, you’re my twin flame that I met earlier than destiny, i love you more than 3000, and feeling only this for you.
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