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The moon was big
And our love was bigger
I said anywhere you go
I would go with ya
Because I love the moon
But it looks better when I'm with you
Night sits on my chest
Squeezes poems out of me
And grinds my poor soul
He thinks I'm worth waiting for
But I think he's worth waiting for
What my hands should’ve felt
You took on yourself
When they strapped to the cross
The maker himself
I miss the way you look at me
When I’m doing nothing but breathing
The way your lips find mine
Under every single red light
The way it takes hours just to say goodnight
When I was too nervous to hold you like I wanted to
Because I was afraid of what it might make me want to do
And I could write about how I’m terrified, because I am
But all I can think about is how happy I feel when you’re holding my hand
How you told me you’d be mine as long as I wanted you
Like you see a day coming when my “I love you” won’t be true
But right now there’s nothing I want more than to kiss you like I’m meant to
To trace your lips with my fingertips, just admiring the view
I want to lay with my head on your chest
Your hands moving over my skin like no one else is in the room
I remember your hair, how it gets red in the summer
And what it looks like dripping wet just out of the shower
You mean a lot to me I hope you know
And I didn’t know what to do with how sad I felt driving home
Knowing you won’t be there and I still won’t see you for a month
Knowing you’re asleep, 953 miles from me
Missing you is exhausting
Sitting at a table for one watching the wind
Me alone with my many, many whims
Curry and steamed rice
And jet lag, lagging behind
Call me again to tell me what you’ve sacrificed
How decisions that were yours you somehow say were mine
Tell me that you won’t move to Ohio
Funny I don’t remember when did I ever invite you
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