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colette alexia Dec 2020
My hopes were higher than the tide was
  Dec 2020 colette alexia
tainted black
closed her
eyes and took
a very deep breath,
crossed her fingers then
w  h     i     s    p   e    r     e   d,
"I long to see the   o n l  y
man who made me
shine in his
colette alexia Dec 2020
I just want to kiss you again
Feel the closeness of your face and the pressure of your lips
When you touched them to my forehead and gently just left them
Because you were in no rush and it felt somehow protective
I want to look in your eyes and kiss your laugh lines
I want you to hold me and say stay a while
To feel the ridge on your tongue where you bite it too much
Be overwhelmed by the security and the warmth of your touch
Was it as captivating for you, do you feel the same glow
You said that it was slow, that it was wonderful
Only two days in my life that I've kissed you
How many more will I miss you
colette alexia Nov 2020
The head is more easily understood than the heart
One person in control
Things are clearer
No love
Two careers
colette alexia Nov 2020
I try not to write songs about my children
Because I'm afraid one day I'll have to listen
Back to the tracks
Of the dreams I had
Over an empty glass
In an empty kitchen
colette alexia Nov 2020
Invited and welcomed to a seat at the table
Navigating the gift of a life that you paid for
Wouldn't it be easier to be told which way is best
Would I trust the decision more if it didn't come from my chest
Or would it come to tears, me blaming you for the heartache
Is the lesson better learned from my own mistakes
Safeguarded on every side
Walking in the favor that you will provide
But planning long term for a future that may not exist
I''m no longer sure I can justify it
Here we are and I've finally found the root of it
Conflicting desires with the power to ruin
The question on which all else is contingent
What do I want
And what do I want to live with?
colette alexia Nov 2020
Two world travelers, one small town
Unfinished people, unfinished house
More thoughts in my head than I should probably say out loud

Sitting there at your kitchen table
Writing backstories for all your neighbors
Talking about the things that we want to be famous for

Funny how I barely know ya
Sitting there in your Patagonia
Envisioning a world with the both of us
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