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b Sep 2018
i am nothing if
not just my mistakes,
with bones.

i will wear a cheap suit
to your dinner party
and hit on your wife
by accident.

im just so tired of pretending
id rather just be.

when you are those things
you just are.
and when you want to be
youre just toxic.

i am green.
with poison and absence
of anything someone would call
normal life experience.  
i cant tell *** from tequila
but i will drink them both
if offered.

i thought i found
heaven on the queensway,
it was really just a cable boy,
who wants to make music.
Jack L Martin Aug 2018
Swaggering daggers swaddling swatches
Winning spinning machine-like linnens
Having stabbing grabbing suits
Never ever silver-tounged seluths
On a journey? go to Deluth
Stop at Denny's, sit in a booth
Order a super bird, hot and delicious
Into my belly, full and malicious
Leave in a hurry, stand up then scurry
Back to the car but don't go far
Light up a spliff and head for the cliff
Jump just in time, land on a dime
Goodbye to my auto, is my new motto
Can't get back home, at least till tomorrow
Nic Mac May 2018
We run stiffly,
in tailored suits.
Shiny, but firm,
leather boots.
Never again?
to be free and loose with our feet?
like we did when we were kids?
We run as much as our capacity and tolerance allow..
but straight.
with restraint .
As to not shake, at our dignity
By Nic Mac

Makes me smile when I see, what only can be described as - the restrained running of grown men and women, in their business suits. Often seen at train stations
Sam Anthony Aug 2017
Look at me!
No, not at ME. Look at me.
Look at my smart shoes and carefully matched belt.
Look at my tailored suit, custom lining and fitted shirt.
Look at my intelligent tie and newsworthy socks.
Look at my beautifully groomed face, hands and hair.
Look at me, and respect ME.
But whatever you do, don't look at ME.
Alexander Daniel Jun 2017
It fits perfectly
Burgundy is such a powerful color
It stands out in a sea filled with greys and blues
Oh how I love this suit
I bought a new suit today! I am so excited to wear it at work. I will be unstoppable lol.
Ryan Holden Jun 2017
I finely wear a suit just because
I want to be finely dressed,
Yet no matter how delicate
My skin,
I feel sharpness of the silk,
As it cuts me slowly
Like the insults you bare
From your balcony of power
I've been bruised and broken,
But these bones are shaking
Alongside my veins that bleed
Hope and transparency.

I've been kicked to the curb
more times than a football
Except I don't bounce off,
Because my heart isn't shaped
To survive the forces of evil
That walk amongst these walls,
Or people we call friends.

I still wear the finely made suit
Because I know if I take it off,
My skin will crumble and fall,
sometimes I live my life, In confines of fear
Other people bring when I don't fit
In this tailor made suit,
The only thing holding me together
Is sewmanship that my suit brings,
Or perhaps the mask I hide behind
When I try blend into this room
Full of people wearing suits.
A poem about being scared to let yourself be yourself. Living your lives In confines of fear.
Timothy hill Mar 2017
Of heart breath, blood fills the pen.

Tore from mint the strain reels.

Letter of black huge style font.

To intense the effects of your mind.

Of art and grief wash out from plane.

Your our experience, held more than even change.

A limited mind has no options worth its place.

They seed our reality based on our coscience and apperal.

With grins and napkins on our laps.

Our politeness, is grace and suit and tie apprased.

For who, shall bring the golden loft of breed.
This is of reality, and our mind.
Mims Dec 2016
Pull on my,
Let the silvery fabric,
Engulf me,
Let your eyes swim in the patterns,
Night after night,
I capture your eyes,
Keep my gaze for,
As long as you can remember,
Is sure to dazzle you,
Even if it isn't a dress,
Because a dress,
Would get caught in my satin tresses,
My obsessions,
Like the night,
Gleaming down my double breasted bow,
As my shiny black shoes walk over to you,
Don't you see?
The way my body holds it,
It holds me,
It's my,
Viseract Oct 2016
Straight outta Ex Dee,
Crazy mother f@cker named Blatchy
Dropping sick beats, rolling hard in the backstreets,
Watch him roll dough as he hailin' a taxi,
Fancy f@cken suit, he's livin' in luxury

Fedora tipped-top on the tippy-top head
Gunning bad gangstas, better red than dead
Shooting spree, smilin' with glee
Don't wanna f@ck with a guy straight outta Ex Dee!
just for fun XD
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