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For the sake of a stunt
For the stake of a thrill
Every single time I decipher
A metaphor or a puzzle
From way above the clouds
I rush a kamikaze rhyme
Into the open void
Near fatal crash
As if it were a drogue parachute...
A B Faniki Jun 2019
You broke the law, but you did not know that;
The law too does not care if your ignorant of it;
You have a gutter for a mouth that is offensive;
A deformation law suit is the soap to clean it.
My Lord, if it pleases you may I ask why
I am in the dock on my left if am the complainant?
Counsel, warn your client; it seems he too has a
Gutter for a mouth that a court contempt can clean.
My Lord, if we are starting on the wrong foot
I beg to differ; may I withdraw the law suit;
Complainant, for wasting the court’s time you are
Sentence to seven hours of community service without fine.
Any complain about the bench is a Kamikaze law suit
for the affairs of mankind are affairs of emotions.
I think is so cliche to say a poem came to me, but at times it is the only right word that fit in poetry. Same with this work i hope it make senses like it did to me when writting it.
Natalie Clark Aug 2014
Lonely part of me,
***-starved and kamikaze,
Will need only you.

— The End —