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Marya123 Feb 2020
Now that you're gone, I wish I could say bye
If there was just one more moment we shared
I'd tell you, and hope that God would be kind
But He wasn't, and now we lie, shocked and scared
All I can do is offer these poor words
And dream that you'd notice them, with love
Maybe you'd smile, and shine brighter in grace
Perhaps fill our lives again, from above.
Deity Queen Jan 2020
He listened to me
Like he’d heard it all
I didn’t speak clear
Didn’t stand tall

By end of the conversation
I’m on the verge of tears
And with one gesture
He reminds me

How I don’t see clear.

Find meThe Reason, my love.
I am simplyHere for you.

You tell me
Not to give up,
But then your solemn face
Reminds me why I started slipping up.

My love, find meThe Reason
Not to stare into the Sun
Not to Run into the free way
Not to Chase a Car for fun

And I promise you,
I’ll make it through another day.

“...But I no longer can laugh.”
“No baby, you will find a way.”
Michael A Duff Sep 2019
It is electric, she is passionate from a far, conversations all night, making our future plans daily until the early light

She took my heart completely sent me large amounts of love so deeply

Then we were there the truth was on the ground, life changes made us each our love to be realized and truly found,

It was good I will not lie on it, new realities some take your breath away some make you cry on it.

Changes made, loves been found, realities realized how does this go down

She packed up her life, changed her pose, she gave me back my heart like a wilted dried up rose

Left me with empty promises unfulfilled back to her chaos my feeling love and heart totally killed

I see her from time to time, passing by I think to myself shes dangerous lives lie uses hearts like thing to be had, gives them back broken bad...
Love found and left it lost, heart break like never before my life shortened for sure...
Michael A Duff Sep 2019
a girl so clever, prideful, a ego so large to fool you into thinking you were at fault and undeserving, the one mistreating her.

She'd have in the corner as she told you your feelings and how you were to be,  and all you wanted was more.

Blind to the fact she was drowning you with her presence,  walking you to deep waters of sadness, and twisted truths.

She smashes souls and closes the door without a mere glance back, to bait another into the fog of disfunction

Sadly she had my heart completely, she opened it, filled like never before and crushed it because she could in a matter of years

Hearts mend, but the scars are permanent
A girl had me completely like none had ever had, twisted me turned like a sail in the wind, and one day without notice found fault in me so deep to cut me in two, and leave me, my life scrambled and heart broken in tiny peices not easily found
Marcus Belcher Sep 2019
Loud can move a crowd
But whispers move mountains
It showed up and stuck....
crystallaiz Aug 2019
it came out of nowhere
like the arrival of summer showers
the bicycle speeding round the corner
my favourite song playing on the radio
i wasn't prepared for you
the way i wasn't prepared to start anew
you're the scent of spring rain
morning coffee
you're my sweet death
and i'm not ready
i hope i'm not actually starting to like you ****. i don't think so. i can't be this terrible in choosing people to like.
Isla Winters Jun 2019
Consistency was never my thing,
Any context says so,
Certainty was just a fling,
But anxiety is waiting at home.

Consistency is repetitive and boring,
Always knowing what comes next,
But I found solace in its simplicity,
So I didn't like the sudden text.

The text was short but not sweet,
Dark in its words,
It only consisted of one question,
'Hey...have you heard?'

It was from someone I didn't expect,
A somewhat old friend of mine,
But from those four words,
I knew it was time.

She was going through alot,
From what I remember,
And we both lost a person,
That late December.

It ruined the consistency of things,
What happened then,
Because all were left were rings,
And my heart empty and aware.
Maria Etre May 2019
I suddenly awoke from hypnosis
my eyes no longer dilate
at your sight
but my
mind expands when my thoughts
sneak out to dance with the idea of you
in the middle of the night on a white sheet
with ***** lead shoes writing the story of
what my heart wanted, my mind thought
and poetry yearned for
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