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Birdy To Be Free May 2016
Bind my ankles with your satin rope
Keep me here for I cannot run
Cuff my wrists and hold them up
For I cannot fight when ur lips toutch mine
Throw me on the bed
And thighten my chains
Your hand closing around my neck
Shivering by your tender toutch, so cold
Leaving marks, leaving scratches
Struggle is useless
Submit to you
For I am yours
To play with
To break

**An object
vinny Feb 2016
straight to the edge surpass light speed
full reverse thrusters
tractor beam

money exchanged
souls bought and sold
twist the tourniquet bleeding uncontrolled

satisfy thirst
bringin' the onslaught

don't know better
what they were taught

it's over now the good guys won
final scene moppin' up blood

surrender in droves
white flags wavin'

hands in the air
*these souls need savin'
surrender submit it's all *******
May E V Watson Nov 2015
Love me, use me, Never let me go.
Quench this unbearable thirst, this fire in my soul.

Use me, hate me, ravage me, destroy me,
As long as in the end you promise to hold me in your arms and love me.

Grab my neck and pull my hair only keens and moans will be gotten from there.

Stroke me like a harp, pluck me like a live wire string.
Tighten me up, and snap me so I scream.

Fill me, tempt me, push me, pull me.
Throw me to the bed and make me sing

Hold me down and shatter me,
Pick me apart, and rebuild me made just for you.

You met me a cracked photo frame empty and useless,
Now fixed, filled full with only your image.

Please don't leave me I promise to obey!
Hold me apart so my pieces don't stray,
Here in you arms Sir forever I will stay.
I'm not sure if this fully will make sense. Feedback is loved.
Arcassin B Jun 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

Let me find your ambitious remorse,
Falling back in the flower bed,
Its comfortable,
Living for the time being,
Ever so everlasting,
Lasting a while til the while is gone,
Its night time,
Time of the night to be a little bit open,
When on the alcohol,
It's tasty,
Talking about how much you love me,
When love doesn't deserve me,
We can't find it here,
Not in this corridor,
Submitting you feelings to me,
But not caring,
I hope you see,
That seeing is believing,
Believe what you see,
And what you see is me,
And my dark fantasies,
Just be a little more open.
Alok Mishra Jan 2015
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Emily Jan 2014
The time had come to submit to
an urge I'd long denied.
Wanted to stop the crushing pain
with a method not yet tried.
So that night I took four Ambien-
didn't care if I lived or died;
and I slipped into a deep, dark sleep-
my fleeting suicide.

— The End —