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Birdy To Be Free May 2016
Bind my ankles with your satin rope
Keep me here for I cannot run
Cuff my wrists and hold them up
For I cannot fight when ur lips toutch mine
Throw me on the bed
And thighten my chains
Your hand closing around my neck
Shivering by your tender toutch, so cold
Leaving marks, leaving scratches
Struggle is useless
Submit to you
For I am yours
To play with
To break

**An object
Birdy To Be Free May 2015
My friend, you, who always was there
with, the knife, doped in my blood
wishpering, your loud spells, flowing words
silencing, your lies, for my eyes
shivering, as I lay in the ground
the bed, my friend, you made

I thank you, my friend, for we are friends
I'll gift you, my friend, my flowers
for you, my friend, will see the beauty
in every bit, of hideous piece, that may breath our air

Thank you, my friend
for only you
my friend
will understand
the meaning
another day, another year, another day, another night....
Birdy To Be Free May 2015
The work I have yet to finish
putted on the stand standing infront of thee
Glances of cold
smiles of hell
breath of frost
these looks
Nothing again I did
Nothing I am
nothing will not be missed

windows open
Wind blowing through me
birds singing

Nothing I will be
Words hurt my friends
watch what thee say
Birdy To Be Free May 2015
Tears can't stop flowing
letting my eyes float above reality

it's not real
but still you're standing there
at my missery
I can see you ther STANDING
It's not real.... hehehe...
it's not real...
"But my dearest darling"
it's not real...
Halucinations aren't fun
Birdy To Be Free May 2015
Air is carefully flowing through my lungs
another poising breath...
It's night for me
every breath hurts
wish they weren't sleeping...
Birdy To Be Free May 2015
Sitting in the schoolbench
alone in  this room
filled with familiar unfamiliar faces
Never talking
always noise
always watching very close
listening to these speeches
Bleeding my arms

insanity lies in the corner of this room
and it crawls closer to me

tick... tick.. tick..

seconds aren't what they seem
hours aren't real
time is a illusion in this room

Only the ritual

pen on papper
writing numbers
writing letters that don't make words
No drawings
No poems
Yes sir
No madam

tick... tick... tick

Over and over again
bell goes
new place
same ritual
no creativity
is seen in here

alone I sit
with my clasmates
doing the same ritual
that they call fun
what they call

I'm there right now
twitching and shaking

get me out of here...
Birdy To Be Free May 2015
I held her close
her lips touched my neck
bite marks are left
but I felt something slipping away
but what I then didn't know
It wasn't her hand that slipped away
it was my beat
that was slowly fading
as I fell
in darkness

*slipping away...
One angel can  **** your spirit
They aren't all as sweet as sugar
Some are like a poisionous apple
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