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Amanda Feb 9
I was once happy
Love filled my warm heart
Now I'm lost and jaded
On the verge of falling apart

Why is it hard to smile?
No matter what I do
Cannot stop feeling down
Just can't find joy I knew

Life seemed easy once-upon-a-time
I've been longing for those years
Do not know when I stopped believing in magic
Somewhere along the way it changed to fear

Struggles are strong and neverending
Drowning in dark dismay
Reaching out a hand for help
Days are all black and grey
I just need some sunshine in my life
Plants are patient
Waiting for just the right time to sprout
The slightest misjudgment on their part could mean death
So they will wait as seeds for years
Hiding beneath the tall oaks
Hoping one day they will have the chance to kiss the sun's sweet rays
as their elder's looming above them do
Plants are strong
As people massacre them for food or for their flashy reproductive organs
But they will come back
Even though they know they will be cut down again
Plants are kind
Giving themselves to help all others
Blooming beautifully for the bees
Cleaning corrupted air
Giving back to the soil when they die
I hope to be like a plant
I hope to be patient in life
Waiting for the right time
I hope to be strong
To grow back even when I know ill be cut down again
I hope to be kind
To give love to everything and everyone
Max Feb 7
Memories trying to survive.

But you know what?
I don't need them no more.
People left me, and now I do the same with the memories I had with them. I leave them to rot.
Stygian Feb 7
we used to Sit together at lunch.
we played in the park together after school.
you used to grab my shoUlder at night.
you dance In my dreams.
you clapped when i Cried at night.
trying to fight the Intrusive thoughts.
you keep trying to Decide my fate.
mAde sure you were safe in the depths of my mind.
but my choice has always been to Live.

the last thing they leave is a LETTER
inspired by billie eillish new song "bury a friend"
Josh Feb 6
I am the ground
solid and sure,
happily walked on-
until you are gone

Sometimes when it rains,
I turn into mud
And if I have to carry your weight,
You might slip
Leia Spencer Feb 6
I melded my crown
Out of the metals I used to cut myself with
I dyed my dress
With the blood that once was a weakness
I painted my face
With the warpaint and tears I used to cover my fear
I forged my heels
Out of the glass that shattered me
I used to be hurt, weak, scared, broken
But now I am regal, strong, brave, resilient
-no amount of tears could take this new feeling away from me
It’s time to end the era of being a princess. I want to be a queen.
Leia Spencer Feb 6
Head up
My little Phoenix
You’ve just begun!
You can’t burn out quite yet
-you’ll come back stronger than before, I promise
It’s not the end quite yet.
M-E Feb 5
I will say No
No, is my new sublime
I will write it on the walls, in the aisles
I will make it rhyme
With everything I say
So, NO
I am not buying you
You salty bag of chips.
Lost Feb 5
Old habits
Die hard
But killing me
Is harder
tayarose Feb 5
I am Feminist
I am a woman, I said NO!
I stand for girls, woman, boys and ,men
Who've said NO!
Question here is When?
When do we fight? When do we win?
We lift our chins', We start to begin
We will paint the walls with NO!
We are  not ****, ****** or hoes
We are Strong, We have a voice.
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