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The howl of her soul whispers in the wood
And ruffles the feathers of those who fly
Her spirit does carry the buzz of the bees
Even in death – she doesn’t die

Her ground supports the feet beneath me
And buries my fears - long tormenting
Under the soil her treasures lie
A heat so fierce and unrelenting

Like a moth to a flame was i, drawn to her
Burnt and broken, now do I stand
To extinguish a blaze so bright and true
Would be the greatest of sins any man could do

Droplets of sky condensed fall upon me,
To wash away the guilt I hide
Tis I who killed my only mother
Murdered by mans own restless pride

Now I do lie here alone and cold
Doomed to see my grandchildren grow
In a world my own doing foretold
The sight of a forest, they shall never know
Inspired by the trajedy occurring in the amazon at this point in time. May God be with the animals, people and trees who suffer as i write.
Garth Lebowski Mar 2016
Moonlight drapes my room tonight like the ancient dust found in every old and abandoned house you enter, filling every crack, every crevice with gloom. I try and drift, for just a second but my heart drops and I'm sadly awakened again by my own delusions and perils of the night. For when I close my eyes, I see a manner of things that frighten me and my fleeting hopes of sleep are diminished. Thus the forlorn story of my insomnia repeats itself yet another night.

Amidst the eerie stillness of the evening, something mysterious jolted violently against my wall splitting the silence in two. It appeared with a thunderous thud at the end of the room that rattled my bones to the marrow. Startled, I awakened with a single heartbeat and gasping for air. In horror I perceived a lone and tall figure convulsing wildly in a strip of pale moonlight that carpeted the floor. A solitary shape of no defined earthly nature stood twitching at the very end of my bed, watching me as I stared back. Quaking, I contemplated my fate as it whispered indecipherably, putting its arm out as if to reach me.

So many nights I had heard its ramblings of insanity, so many times I had wished for death to greet me in its wake and once again, there it stood; a shadowy devil from the depths of hades staring down into my worthless soul. “Who’s there!?” I uttered, as my heart palpitated rapidly only to be replied by the silence of the night, “Hear me foul creature of the night, be gone or thou shall feel God’s wrath! Be gone dreaded beast back to the depths of hell with you!” As I spoke, it hovered nearer and nearer, its fiery glare pierced my soul as it tilted its gaze. The daemon stopped abruptly as I whispered “Amen.” An immense howl escaped the creature as it dissipated into a black cloud of evil laughter that echoed in the deepest chasms of my consciousness.

In a mixed sense of relief and revulsion I staggered out of the warm protection of my covers and beheld the mirror across my chamber. Just to check if I was still whole and among the living.
I was whole and so was my executioner.
Garth Lebowski Jan 2016
My undying love for you couldn’t ever be quenched. Not with the salty water of all the seven seas. Nor put out with every tear drop from every drifting cloud above all the four corners of this blue, blue earth.
Every time i see you, my heart melts.
Garth Lebowski Dec 2015
My heart burns for you
My stomach churns for you
My body yearns for you
I will return for you, my love.
Thinking of someone who could never be mine.
Garth Lebowski Nov 2015
Your chocolate colored curls, danced in a lazy summer breeze.
Your every seductive breath, weakened my knees.
Emerald green eyes that have claimed my throbbing heart.
A whole sonnet to write, but where to start?
Garth Lebowski Nov 2015
I open my fridge door and what do I see?
A half empty bottle of beer, relishes, old vegetables and water.

I close the door.

My groaning stomach persuades me to open the door once more. Like an alter ego, I obey it's commands.

I'm sure this time, there will be food, food that was invisible just a second ago. Food that I will see, if I look hard enough.

I grab the chilled silver handle and give it a pull. Wide open swings the door to reveal food galore!--

Oh wait, there's no food, not even a decent beverage. There's still just a whole load of nothingness and hunger.

A deep dark depression cuts me like a knife through butter. no food here, no food there, nothingness all around just starvation and suffering.

I close the fridge.

The cycle repeats itself.

Such is life.
Hunger and fullness are true emotions, just like love and life it can depress you or fill you.
Garth Lebowski Nov 2015
Sapphire drops of moonlight bounced off her umbrella and a cool, smoky mist escaped her crimson lips every once and so often.There she stood alone, on a loud, bright and miserable winters’ night. Pensively gazing over the glistening city streets before her.

Echoes of light gleamed from the windows of bars and cafes. Reflections of lover’s kisses melted in a cold November rain. Live music, laughter, conversation! O what a cheerful sight is the city at night, for all but one this evening.

Such striking acts of delight and love did nothing but depress her.

This loner longs to stand with the pack and live her life, instead of merely existing. She is the Steppenwolf of her time. Unwanted and alone. And much like the original Steppenwolf, she gives and cares for others very much like family. Alas, despite her best efforts, she could never fit in.

And perhaps, never will.
The one who follows the crowd, will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone, is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.

-Albert Einstein
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