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I’m looking for your face in the crowd
It always seems like I saw you
I cherish the memories and my dreams
The only things left me by you.

I follow your voice inside my head
It judges, it laughs, it whispers
The things I forgave
But need to forget
In order to take my life back
From you.
I need a mountain of a man,
To handle my stubborn, strong-headed nature.
I need a mountain of a man,
To help me balance the world on my shoulders.
I need the man who sees, understands.
The one who hugs my trembling body
When I cry,
When I fall…
Until I rise above it all,
Until I’m strong again
To stand
And balance the world
On my delicate shoulders.
I have that yearning in me.
Pushing me,
Driving me forward.

I have that longing in me,
Sponsor of my sleepless nights.

If only I could get to the place
Where my thoughts
Are no longer racing

If only I could catch a flight…
But for now
I am just sick of waiting.
Tell me what you think,
Share your heart with me.
In the world with too much pain,
We need our souls be free.

Take me by the hand
And make me carefree.
In the world with too much pain,
We need our souls to BE.
I want you to take my hand
And never let me go.
I want you to close your eyes
Because we gonna fall.

Fall through the darkest night,
And to the ocean’s floor.
The water in our lungs
Our bodies made of snow.

We sparkle in the light,
We dance on broken dreams.
We fallen, as they say  
But nothing what it seems.
When I said my vows,
I spoke them from my heart.
I took your hand in mine
And kissed the world goodbye.

I bade goodbye to all
That I no longer needed
To lies, betrays, and hurt
That heart my knew indeed.

I listened to your vows
They were so honey-sweet.
But little did I know
That they were not to keep.
I remember the way our souls touched
That evening after the downpour in Kiev.
I remember your warmth, your gaze, your touch…
As the rainbow protruded the sky.

We didn’t even stand a chance
Too far, too young, too insecure…
We didn’t fight hard enough
Didn’t realize what we lost.

After all that time
I still can recall every small detail
Of that day, of your face, of your smile…
Like it’s been tattooed in my mind
Like I am still reliving that moment
Over and over again…
Until I can’t differentiate what’s real and what’s not.
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