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Nomadic poet Oct 18
Oh yes
Hes such a yellow fella
Nomadic poet Sep 26
So crazy
How days seem
Colorless daisy
You aren't crazy
Ones perspective you see
Can be quiet hazy

***** wild
Am I just tired
Nomadic poet Sep 16
Its my mindstate
Which decides my life's fate
Nomadic poet Sep 1
My mind feels at a liqudized state
I let them eat off my plate
Im hungry but its too late
Nomadic poet Sep 1
This might be it
Off safety shooting till it click

Bodies drop limp *****
These ******* looking sea sick
Quick drip
With that 9 im steel
Some you cant ****

My mama told me be trill
Aint gone sign no deal
Not till my family living in a mansion on a hill
All eating unlimited meals
My happiness is sum they aint gone steal
Sit still
If i shoot im aiming to ****

Ian come for all that
I just wanna see him ******
He yo man **** im done you can have em back
Nomadic poet Jul 19
So blissfully
Stuck in their daze
Refusing to notice their ways
Living pointless days

Do you feel like the rat in that maze

A long pitch black haze

On a dead porch we lay
Its all in our dismay
Its your mind thats nasty
All in what you say

At what point is it okay
To truly pack up and walk away

My mind was a game at which you wanted to play
But im not some moldable clay
But hey
My daze you wont downgrade

My energy will stay saved
I remain sun bathed
Luck to be unscathed

All by your rage
I disengage
Time to flip our page
Nomadic poet Jul 19
Throw your stones

The aches go deep into my bones

I have no one to call home

Its all gone


Im alone
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