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Dawn Jul 2022
Dalawang barkong
O di kaya'y lulutang
Mananatili kung nasaan
Walang ibang rason kundi
quick poem inspired by a friend's writing prompt
Dawn Jun 2022
I would share your bed forever
That even in clothes
I'll always feel naked with you
there we were lying in bed, playing games on our phones and listening to music, separately. while it's less than everything we've ever done, somehow it feels more intimate than anything else
Dawn Jun 2022
Someday, I wish I could be
to you
What you are to me
You deserve as much
You deserve so much
I fear I'll never be
Good for you
Sometimes I feel like you give me more than you take from me. I feel inadequate. But I also feel thankful for you, more than anything
Dawn Mar 2020
in times like these I wish there were
a God I believed in
   whose words and teachings
   I consume day by day
   from when I awake to when I sleep
   before a meal and after a trip
   just so I know I'll be saved
   just so I know I am saved
   just so I know
   I can be safe

in times like these I wish there were
a God who has a plan
   so perfect and precise
   every little tear I cry every night
   is designed to flow and collect
   enough to cleanse
   until all the sadness is washed off of me
   until everything would seem right

in times like these I wish there were
a God who could explain
  why living is pain
  how anger turns to pain
  when living became pain

in times like these I wish there were
a God I could blame.
It's been so long since I stopped believing. I am yet sad again.
Dawn Jan 2020
A deep breathe in the mirror
A mirror! Breathe in deep!
A deep reflection
Look within, deep!
The deep mirror?
What mirror is deep?
Maybe a lake or the sea?
What do you see?
Reflect the deep.
The deep can only be a mirror when still.
Reflect on what is still deep inside
Reflect what is still
Imitate the water
Echo its calm
Calm with deep breaths.
Calmly breathe
Breathe deep
Breathe by the deep end
Deep ene
The end,
And then begin again
Finally took a creative writing class at uni and here's my first output! We were asked to do phrase manipulation on phrases containing the word 'mirror'
Dawn Sep 2019
i've only ever locked lips with boys,
and although you're younger than most,
you're the man i want to kiss.
Dawn Jun 2019
it's so cold
i'm starting to miss the warmth of self-forgiveness
i wish i hadn't left my jacket at home
im starting to hafe myself again and the weather isnt helping
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