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Under the sheets of emotional armor,
A shy little girl masquerades as a martyr.
She’s the Queen of Deceit with her lies getting smarter,
While every tale told draws her self even farther
From finding out why she’s emotionally bothered
By all of the men in her life: like her father
Who only was trying the best for his daughter
And striving to be something more than a pauper
But coming up short. Who knows how much harder
He’d try if she wasn’t an argument starter?
The guilt and the shame from the family slaughter
Has made her insane and continues to bar her
From finding out just what the world has to offer.

Luckily she won’t have to be here much longer;
In fairy-tale land, there's nothing can harm her.

She suddenly finds herself all alone
With nobody’s thoughts to address but her own.
This is the time when she’d pick up the phone,
Demanding a savior to hear her bemoan
About all the problems that she’s ever known,
But what she doesn’t know is a friend can’t atone
For the lack of a man with his patience to loan
To a lost little girl whose bad temper is known.
All she needs is a strong one that doesn’t condone
All the treacherous lies and the hatred she’s shown.
It’s hard to deny all the reaping she’s sewn.
She’ll have to tread soft lest her cover is blown
And everyone finds out she still hasn’t grown
Through the hundreds of tempers and tantrums she’s thrown.
Hopefully soon she can bury the bone
And calm herself into a nostalgic zone
Where smiles and candles were filling her home
And love and affection were all that was loaned.

Enlightenment comes when you realize you’re prone
To the wrath of the heartache that comes with the throne.
Damsel in distress
MJL  Mar 28
MJL Mar 28
Fruit grown by nurturing hands
Lovingly protected from drowning rain
Never parched
Never too cold
Never too hot
Nothing but the best for Peaches
Bathed in sunlight, alone
Misted with holy water
Placed on a windowsill with admiration
To make a kitchen a home
Unprepared for the bite of life
Sensitive to the touch
Ripe for pain
The thunderous footsteps of a little ant across the skin
Enough to bring Peaches to its knees
Showing stain
Showing rot
Picked but never part of the chain of life
Instead, a life of suffering
A life of wanting
A life not eaten
badtaste Jun 11
my elders consider my punishment like prison
separated from my phone but linked to a chain in my home
for 7 days any kid my age wouldn't survive but suffer
what's for supper?
wait, last night double pound
McStuffer burger?!
but dad...
I'm trying a new diet tonight and am in immediate incapacity
of filling my bottomless pit's wildest delights
perhaps an offer...(?)
every night I must survive
we can all share a nice family supper
this just in extra extra!!!
Lumi  Nov 2018
Pained and Popular
Lumi Nov 2018
She'll cry a little glitter,
Drips into her coffee.
Post it on Twitter,
Caption: "Do you really want me?"
A cry for help masked by pink lips and golden eyelids.
kevin hamilton Jun 2018
i woke up next to fire
and the fountainhead
callous boy
seduced by distended memories
of moonlight's tresses
pooled in syrupy puddles
like spoiled milk

i woke up on west queen west
wild witch kissing me
spider fingers on my throat
i swore if she was killing me
she would surely know
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