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Mae Nov 2
That feeling of warmth that nestles my heart
That calmness of safety you bring when you’re near
That feeling of longing when we are apart
That full happy feeling whenever you’re here
Happiness brimming until it spills over
All worries and pain in my heart washed away
Sweet moments we share through this distance, my lover
That blissful contentment a heartbeat away
I long for you
To touch me
And set my skin on fire
Inhale my soul
And spread my
With your desire
Take your lips
And part my sins
And dance around
The flames
That have waited
Patiently forever
To be screaming
Out your name.

Tommy Randell Oct 31
Look, I don't like you, you're not enamoured of me
Let's get to know how selfless neither of us can be

You'll argue back as I say what I feel
I'll twist your true fears til you tell me what's real

We'll be a marriage of needs at war
A loggerhead of issues that stay unresolved

We'll be a puzzle that can't be undone
An unending passion of blood, flesh, and bone

We'll be those opposites squaring the circle
Emotionally unbalanced but logically certain

I'll be passive aggressive you'll be verbal assertive
Amorous & Cool to my Distant & Emotive

Opposites attract and we'll be magnetic
The unfathomable couple with a car-crash aesthetic

What could go wrong? Life will never be boring
You putting up with my Poetry, me with your snoring

What could go right? Everyday, head-butting the Wall
Staring back from the mirror Warts an' All

But this is my Proposal to ride out the years
I won't drink your ***** and you don't drink my Beers.
Lo Oct 27
There is nothing better than the feeling
Of truly being with you

Being with you
Your eyes meet mine and it’s like
The whole universe stops
But the stars just keep twinkling

Giving an inkling of a love
That will last forever
Your hand in mine
Or maybe on my thigh
But baby wherever you are
Is where I want to be

To be
In your arms every night
And every morning with the sunrise high
Your touch
Your breath
A love of this depth is intoxicating

In a way that can’t compare
To any alcohol or drug
That’s ever been in my system
But with this one,
I just can’t seem to sober up

Sober up
To the fact that I am
So loved
And immersed in a feeling
You’ve got me kneeling on the floor
Thanking God for giving me you.
a poem for my love
august Oct 27
we worked for this.
it wasn't set in stone and inevitable;
we had to fight every day for this love
and there's no way i'm giving up now.
kinda dizzy right now so if it looks weird that's why
Mae Oct 2
I don’t need to make promises
to love you unendingly
or think of you incessantly
I don’t need to swear
that I will never leave your side
Those are things that I cannot control
They will happen regardless of my choosing
Because my soul has already chosen yours
Bianca Reyes Sep 27
I keep chasing ghosts with you
I don’t know if they are yours
Or if they are my own
Contorted into something unknown
I am haunted by my love for you
Or by the way you look so blue
But I shall chase these ghosts for two
[The usual copy right business thing here]
Nobody Sep 24
Our two twisted hearts can’t stay apart,
we’re not like anyone we’ve ever known.
You called me your lantern in the dark,
my light made you feel less alone.

I love the rainy days you need warmth
you come closer so I can hold you.
My little defeated bird,
I swoop in to take care of you.

Those times remain special in my mind,
gentle words between me and you.
I keep you there in those places sometimes,
It’s where I've seen all of you.

You still made a friend for life my love
don’t be scared I will ever leave.
I’ll always make sure you’re okay,
and wear my heart on my sleeve.

Some bonds aren’t meant to be explained,
that’s why we can’t stay away.
Our souls must reach out to meet,
but we’re free to come and go as we please.
I don’t know how to tell you
that you make me fall in love
with being alive
so instead I’ll tell you
that since I met you I’ve found
beauty in a rainstorm
and sometimes at night
when I feel so close to giving up
because it would be easier than
missing you
I hold my breath and listen
as rain knocks on my bedroom window
and I’m reminded that the first time
you touched me
lightning coursed through my veins
and brought me back to life
like a kiss in a fairytale
you woke me up when I didn’t know
I was sleeping  

I don’t know how to tell you
that before you
I traveled three frames
behind everyone
as the world sped by
and words fell from lovers mouths
after they had already walked away
I struggled to catch up
with jumbled words
that tumbled through my trembling lips
but I was always too late
so I became mute to save myself
the heartache
and when you came along
I had forgotten how to speak
so I stayed silent
instead of admitting how much
you meant to me

I know that if I were lucky enough
to be heard by you again
I would tell you that I want you
in the most mundane ways
like Sunday mornings with iced coffee
and menthol kisses
—like listening to you sing in the shower
and watching your eyes light up as you laugh
I want summer evenings at the beach
bowling dates and early morning hikes—

I’ve never known how to tell you
that I will always take you for who you are
and what you’ve done
so I tried to show you through
good morning texts
and words of affirmation
but I need to stop assuming
you know what I mean
when I speak in metaphors
so I hope someday my words find you
and you’ll understand that for me
you were never a phase
and I can only dream
that you can still see the rainstorm
you unleashed inside of me
all those months ago
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