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Mar 2022
They do
have a lot to be sorrowful about
their dark mindset understandable
those that grow and wrinkle
in the blink of an eye
hirsute till even the females spot moustaches and beards
and most males are gifted with little sausages
and no great stamina in use
education is optional and ignorance rules ok
the painted hues are catching up
while hometown losers are busking begging money
its all going south for them
so its blame game all the way
so they make it up as they crawl along
hiding their shame in foreign tags
and their cowardice in numbers
too dumb and weak to excel they seek refuge in bullying
as if we haven't got their measures
and know they bathe only once a week at most
my, my! they do have a shedload to lament
their miseries plain to see
so please excuse their puerile defensive scrabbling'sĀ Ā 
they are poor in heads in pockets and in their minds
Written by
Yenson  M/London
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