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Faron Hymn Yang Nov 2020
i still do not know
whether i am a void of feelings
or just a child who shut the door to his pain.
Faron Hymn Yang Sep 2020
lest you shatter
sometimes you know you'll never get back up if you recline.
Faron Hymn Yang Aug 2020
sometimes it feels like the only way not to cling
is not to care.
Faron Hymn Yang Aug 2020
don't you find it funny
how desperate we are to feel?
— what a great story!
(i cried eleven times)
Faron Hymn Yang Aug 2020
he burns his lamps to hide
just a couple heartbeats —
a couple each night.
a couple blue shots of bad blood
they say it does the trick.
Rachel Armstrong Jul 2020
we, others, them, think we're lost, broken, and afraid
is it so wrong to find our own way in the darkness
is it so long to put the pieces back together in a new fashion
it takes a great amount of fear to do these things

it takes an immense amount of courage to believe in them
Faron Hymn Yang Jun 2020
see, she was
she was an ocean.
say, oxygen
oxygen is overrated.

watch, roses
blooming beneath
the caress of brine
blood cells unfolding.

a certain lightness
Faron Hymn Yang Apr 2020
life is a melody, a meandering song, exquisite and jarring, glorious and ruthless. we sit upon its strings, tightropes in a windstorm. better dance whilst you can before we all fall off into eternity.
Faron Hymn Yang Apr 2020
you know,
the more i have to say
the less i end up saying.
i want to live our life again
so i told you
i love you.
Faron Hymn Yang Apr 2020
ink is the same color
as a certain canvas

when you look hard enough
you can almost see
the stars sprinkled in there
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