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Van Byrde Feb 28
first love
she understood
crushed me down
under the toe of her boot
i want to forget
i wish i did drugs
i don't get it. at least you have no idea who i am so  you can't point out how *******  pathetic i am right now. jesus.
Van Byrde Feb 28
she left me
ran away with another man
she said goodbye
and I did protest
I don't know what I did
but I loved  her with my best
god, it hurts
You tell me you will never love again.
And that life is pointless and bleak.
But i can tell,
that you are full,
of all the love you seek.
But no one has been able,
to replicate your passion.
So I'll woo you with chivalry,
keeping things old fashioned.
For the idea of real flattery,
is just about all lost.
A compliment became a comment.
A letter became a post.
It's seems like we've forgot,
what really matters most.
But you still happen
to be my muse.
For when I'm ecstatic
or singin' the blues.
You're what I want,
and what I choose.
And through all your scars, 
i see a light.
And it's what brings me into sight.
Of all the brightness you emit,
and frightening things,
one can't forget.
I love you like a dying star,
we see you shimmer from afar.
So it took years,
for your light to hit my eyes.
For through your music,
your love never dies.
  Jan 25 Van Byrde
emily mikkelsen
you were like warm alcohol
blurry bed sheets,
you were like scuffed sidewalk chalk
multi-colored nostalgia,
you were like good morning kisses
but i don't wear that perfume.
  Jan 25 Van Byrde
we move in easy
hands on waists, movements
timed and precise
singing in perfect melody
as we speak in perfect song
the two of us
together all along
our dance is lovely
content and hardly irked
one is not without the other,
the writer and her work
Van Byrde Jan 25
She was intoxicating
Like wine
Rich and dark
And ruby, ruby red

She moved
Like she was bathed
In love

How could I resist?
Van Byrde Jan 9
I speak your name into the night
my hands crawl across your sheets
and your body isn't there
I wait
the chill in the air puckers my skin
you've got a steaming cup
in your hand, as you come
softly padding in
the nights blue light
and your warm honeyed eyes
"Come back to bed," I say
"My feet are cold."
"I'll be your heater. Am I hot enough for you to hold?"
you climb in and thump my head

We waited there
Till the rays of light
Shined on our forms
Tea forgotten
Sleeping like two children
In a storm
Clutched to one another tight
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