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Dawn Jupiter Mar 2020
You burn me,
I feel your fire rising up.
Skin tingles,
The exposure intensifies,
The heat throbs at the point
Begging for warmth.
The damage is done,
I’m burnt,
Your hot touch has ruined me.
Picking away at the carbon.
I’m different now
it's different now.

You changed me
The heat dissipates
Inside the embers
Still, flash with gold.

Dawn Jupiter Jul 2019
See me, I dance for you,
The dance that no one notices.
Hear me, I sing for you,
The song that leaves my lips for yours.
Touch me, I’m here for you,
Surrounded by so many but wanting only you.
Dawn Jupiter Jun 2019
I wanted to lean in
At that moment
I hesitated

My heart hurt.
It pulled towards another
But stumbled over you.

You let go,
I didn’t want you to
But I knew we had to
Dawn Jupiter Jan 2019
The centre of me aches.

My circle is full,
There's no space for you
But yet you push
Encroaching on my depths.
The need for warm drinks on chilly nights.
The arm on a shoulder after a weep.
The ache from a belly laugh so hard you cried.
                              A space I didn’t know needed filling.

I’ve lost you before I had you.
You’re not mine to keep.

The centre of me aches.

My circle is full,
And yet you’re there,
Dawn Jupiter Apr 2018
encased snapshots,
an edit.

a consumable fragment,
a glimpse,
Dawn Jupiter Apr 2018
Glass renders it silent,
its movements make sweet music.
Its song remains unshared
until someone, the window, opens.
Dawn Jupiter Apr 2018
jasmine jostles
leaves fold

I watch

steel and glass contain
assuaged by structure

the wind blows
but not here

— The End —