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Mickey Jul 6
We should dance as wild as we speak.
We should sing as loud as we scream.
We should be happy as much as we are sad.
And we should love each other as extreme, as we hate.
We should.
Mickey May 14
The truth is.
Love will not set you free.
And I know we want to believe in this so badly because it is scary.
If love does not set us free, what does?


You set yourself free.
With every step you take, every goal you reach and every obstacle you overcome.
Little by little it is freeing you into yourself and into the one person you really are and want to become.
And then when love crosses your path.
Grab it with both hands and append it to your self created freedom.
Cause this love.
That is something extra, a gift, an addition.
Will not set you free.

But you.
You will.
Mickey Jan 9
And even if.

Even if love is a big fat disgusting lie.
A forced brain trick.

I’m willing to forever live it, breathe it and feel it.

Even if love was proven to be wrong and not making any sense.
Even if I cut in my own fingers with it and
**** myself with a sugarcoated deception.

I’m willing to forever defend its name as if it is the truth.

Cause even if love isnt love and love may not be what we told ourselves what love is.

Love is mine.
Love is yours.
Love is ours.

And Love,
Mickey Dec 2019
I can feel the patterns,
the pieces you try to put together.
Trying to accept what you feel.
Oh baby, the world has poisoned you.
You drank it all and it made you delusional.
It has shown you that love is a rip-off, a hoax, something worthless.
That love is nothing more than a four letter word.
You kept on drinking and drinking their toxic substance because they promised you it wouldn’t mind anyway.
You even started to like the taste of it.
But the way you gaze into my eyes.
I know you know better.
Their poison did not **** you yet.
We still have time so let me.
Let me be your cure, your antidote, your remedy.
It’s not too late.
Just let me,
love you.
Mickey Dec 2019
You have to let me go.
Set me free.
Let me go and I will come back.
I will tell you all the incredible things that they have told me.
I will let you watch the beautiful sights through my eyes as if you were there.
And I will let you taste the culture and richness of my travels by kissing you.
Mickey Aug 2019
What if I don’t want it.
The love,
the happiness,
the good times.
What if I want to give up on it all.
I am constantly searching for it,
longing for it,
needing it.
What if I just don’t want it.
Let me get used to not having it.
So when time passes.
There wouldn’t be anything to miss.
Mickey Aug 2019
“Are you afraid?”
It took one look at me and I think he knew.
Here I am fearless.
In this dark sea of trees,
I am the captain.
Running with the wind through my hair.
Laying in the fallen leaves.
Dancing in the misty moonlight beams.
For this is my territory.
My home.
Everything and anything in the shadowy forest is my friend.
Here I am fearless.
Cause what in this place,
What could possibly scare me off more than my own presence.
#self #life #love #nature #forest #magic #moon #captain #dark
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