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Rick the shoe shine boy
36/M/Couch to couch USA    I have a million poems and narrations...most of which, I can't remember. Follow me on instagram- @rick_the_shoe_shine_boy
still sober
Chris  Shoemaker


preservationman Oct 2015
Every shoe that I seen customers step in was a beginning that I thought would never end
I have seen assortment of shoe wearing feet
It looked like a battle giving into defeat
Yet I wondered why the customer doesn’t see that the shoe doesn’t fit
The customer should be thrown into a pit
Heels often have taken notice
No odor eaters seemed to surface
If the shoe doesn’t fit then you need to quit
The idea is knowing the precise shoe size
To me that would be thinking wise
You don’t want revenge from your feet
A good quality shoe would be an added treat
Remember you need your feet in order to walk not agony with a bark
I am the Shoe Horn to get the shoe on your feet
It should be a struggle and your feet feeling beat
I am the Shoe Horn in wanting to help you fit into the shoe
Because I am a Shoe Horn, this is what I am supposed to do
If you fight with the Shoe Horn to get the shoe on, we will be both through and there’s your clue
Remember I am the Shoe Horn being your foot’s friend
It all starts when you enter the shoe store when you step in
Think on Shoe Horn when you purchase a pair of shoes
I want you to feel enthused
This Shoe Horn doesn’t want your feet to get bruised
There you have it being a shoe in
Let your feet have pavement royalty and comfort being a reality.
I grab a shoe
        a shoe
        a shoe
Because everyone wears shoes
Because everyone needs shoes

I grab a shoe
         and I shove my foot
    straight in
              Because that's what everyone does
Because my foot wasn't good enough
            as is.
                 supporting my weight
and keeping me afloat.
My foot needs more, to be complete.
Because all feet get cold, I guess.

But this shoe annoys,
          it suffocates
          it squishes my toes
that just want to wriggle free

        And I'll have to wear it,
as uncomfortable as it is,
           until I wear it down
     But soon after that,
this one
                             will have given up on me.

And I'll just have to get a new one,
               and go through the whole thing,
   Because everyone needs shoes
                 All their lives

But even after I have
          shoved this foot into
that shoe
the ordeal isn't yet over.
    a shoe needs effort to work right
you've got to tie it up to keep it on.

So I grab this lace,
         and I scoop up that lace
and I pull like I've seen others do,
    the grip on my foot gets tighter,
But this shoe's not going anywhere either.

So I start crisscrossing
and looping
and more pulling
and stretching
and soon,
           I've got a finger
    or two

                          I yank them out.
and the whole thing unravels.
                         and I've got to start again.

But to no avail;
with no point


even when I slow down,
                           I get distracted,
Even when I focus,
                   I fail

But I spend hours
and hours
          trying to knot these **** laces
trying to tie this **** shoe

                         Because everyone wears shoes.
They make it look so easy,
They make it look so fun,
But my foot just wants free.
To roam without constraints.

But bare-feet aren't the norm,
So I'll keep sitting here,
Slowly learning to tie my shoe.
Shari Forman Feb 2013
Two Men,
Traveled into the forest,
Very foolish and wise,
When they came across,
A shoe,
With many lies.
Peter asked Harry,
What they shall do,
They had found an old,
And broken shoe.
When suddenly,
The shoe came alive,
It had gown thick,
And sturdy eyes.
The men were so frightened,
Yet so eager and suspenseful,
They were willing
To know more,
About this little ripped sore.
The shoe opened its mouth,
And only said 3 words,
Fly with birds.
These men were confused,
Very clueless and dumb,
Peter had aimed for a target,
Then spit out his gum.
The shoe spoke again,
“Fly with birds”,
Yet only a fool,
Would follow that,
But they were nerds.
The men ran together; frightened,
Holding the shoe,
They knew what was happening,
They really, really knew.
The men were now lost,
So sorrow and blue,
What was that strong stench?
Could it be the shoe?
At that very moment,
The shoe flied up,
To the birds,
And when he landed with them,
He said, “Hey nerds”.
The men were fooled,
By a clever shoe,
Who knew he’s fly free,
Without any of thee.
Both nerds
Were now speechless,
Yet nowhere to be found,
But then finally decided,
To turn back around.