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As we rattled pages
Of our memories
That smiled as that same girl
'Us' used to be
Yours is laboured pain
Mine is lost joy
Glaring from youthful 'us'
In flimsy shades
In clumsy photograph
Lying barren
Vying attention
Smiling as that same girl
'Us' used to be..
Stony chirruping cuddle my ears
I woke up with pent-up emotions
Shooed the stony chirruping
Yet stony silence broke my heart
Crumplings of which dove refused
The sweeper swept them..
I plundered
Out of sight, out of mind
Neglecting the unknown reality
"Distance makes the heart grow fonder"
Your inflicted memories
Lick my wound with tenderness
An established testimony
Nobody ever confess
How bereaving is to strive
When our souls deadlocked
They heaved alive..
Under the sober moonlit night
As her face grew starkly pale
A delicate moth lured in
As it's drawn to a flame
Shivered as she with a misty leaf
Sweat out poured rigorously
As she wept neglected, unseen
The fluttering moth flustered her
Wild fantasies lingered,  hovered
A shadow crept gleaming ecstasy
Caressed her back and feet
Rode her wavingly
Lulled,  rode her
As mystery, she mustered
Out,  she dwelled
Out of her brutal shell..
What nips in a bud is novelty
Unconventional, perturbed
What skyrockets is conservatism
Stimulated by critical dissent
What inconsequentially bursts out
Is then societal haemorrhage and paralysis..
Nothing lasts forever
Love collapses, hatred evaporates
Roses shrivel, darkness disappears
Nothing gold stay
Sun sets, glaciers melt
Time flies, reputation dies
Yet time stood still
Heart skipped to a halt
Senses shut down
Euphemerality sardonically bid farewell
As I was afluttered
You siphoned off my conscience
While grinning elegantly
At the flustered me..
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