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Surbhi Dadhich Apr 2021
Autumn sneaked in
I was singing hymns from a playbook
An upside-down playbook as it was
Your red flush was like the leaves outside
The wind blew the drums of our windows
I shook and shrank
You gushed and it was an elixir
"Soon, those ripe apples would fall."
I eye the apples with liveliness
Your eyes gleamed at my pure innocence
Sun is rusting like the leaves outside
Your lullabies were warm like your affection
I slept as sweet as your smile...
Surbhi Dadhich Oct 2020
the shore is not visible and
the water is choppy
the sun is inflamed and
the boat keeps sailing...
Surbhi Dadhich Oct 2020
It's really hard to talk
You have to think in advance some interesting topics
And all effort is on stretching conversation somehow
The silence makes it awkward
It's really hard to talk
Deep down, you know this is not going anywhere
Both of you try to involve each other
Even if it is going nowhere
Behind that false, prolonged smile
It's really hard to just talk
I wish I could claim myself to be the person who just can talk to anyone
I wish I could just engage people
Talking to someone won't feel like a trouble
Surbhi Dadhich May 2020
Every now and then
To put my soar eyes to rest
I feel the cedars and pines
Attempting to capture them all
In the cameras of my eyes
I long to sledge deeper inside
To witness the wonders of their world
The world of worms and woodpeckers
They say not to touch flowers
But I caress them captivated by their brightness
I grin as I gaze them with proudness
How he was nearly slashed, morphed
It made my skin crawl
But Papa tied a rope around like a bandage to the wounded
And caged him to keep away the wicked
I thought the story was over
But he rewrote it
Smooth healing made him hale and hearty
And even today, every now and then
To put my soar eyes to rest
I feel the huge cedars and pines
Attempting to capture them all
In the cameras of my eyes
With every rustle
As they lean on to each other
Singing and Swinging
My heart cherish when they are alive and kicking.
Surbhi Dadhich Mar 2020
I remember when I became gravely cold earlier
Your warmth of love melted it
To seek marginal doses of your affectionate hugs and humour
Yet, I think my desperation has been blunted by my avarice
For I comfort myself at the mere sight of your lipid face
Your dimpled cheek lost
Under the lining of dreadful covering
As you wave 'goodbyes' at me
'Goodbyes' that don't seem warm enough
For me to not reproach myself
And when I looked up, you seemed cold and distant
Miles and miles away...
Surbhi Dadhich Mar 2020
"His old father might be domineering, cruel and incisive", she opined
As she applied pain reliever on the fresh wounds of the limp body of that innocent infant
"but...", she finished with bleak content
More to herself
"Am I guilty of my grievous injuries if I whole- heartedly trusted his false claims and fat lies?"

I am time, the testimony of gritty ordeals of billions of the souls of the feminine receptive energy ...
Surbhi Dadhich Feb 2020
When the streaks of dawn enter the crevices of the windows
The eyes refuse for the emptiness to subside in
Although the sweet chirruping and rustling of the Neem's lave leaves
persevere to pose positivity yet
The loneliness, the vacuum subsides in

I chatter, sing songs of Hope and homecoming of warriors
Beating the wrinkled skins of old drums
Yet my heart rings no louder
My conscience seems shaken

When the sun sets in
Sets the Oblivion for 'they' return
With wide smiles and affectionate hugs
Howling joyously as they bid goodbyes

In the sunshine , solidarity Sparks everywhere now
As 'they' leave to be able to feed their malicious stomach
The bell chimes from the nearby temple
The pacing footsteps outside fail to rekindle

Loneliness subside in...
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