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Poetic T Aug 2017
To kiss upon the pleasurable place,

would  smiles venture...  

But beware...
to many
             and you'll  be wiping your face
When you were a kid you thought that you would be married by now
Have it all figured out
The career
The home
The car
The kids
Now you're here and *******...
Do we ever really figure it out?
Adulting is hard
Your Facebook feed is filling up with engagements and baby announcements
but your reading the newsfeed in the liquor isle of Safeway
Beer or wine tonight? Hmm maybe *****?
"Psh who wants to be a boring married couple"
That's what you think to yourself
Trying to convince yourself that it's okay
Drown out that little voice in your head saying "you're gonna be alone forever"
It's like walking on a tightrope
One side you have it together and the other side you still might as well be that 21 year old college student ordering shots at the bar
If someone has this figured out- hit a homie up
Until then, I'm just doing me and I guess I'm doing fine
With a silken cloth and some silken ties
he binds her hands and covers her eyes

A single feather and a bucket of ice
to tickle her senses so very nice

Searing passion causes her to tingle
when melting ice and tongue do mingle

Moans of  pleasure does fill the night
when together as one, passion takes flight

— The End —