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natalie Jul 2021
shake it off they say
    but they dont understand that trying to fight
                     your own mental illness
    is worse than finding a needle in a stack of hay.
           often i struggle to get through the day
natalie Nov 2020
the moon sets in the sky
like a bird knows how to fly,
many people travel by
they never wonder why.

days go by and by
are you living on a lie?

when you speak do you think?
do you ever stop to blink?
have you ever felt the brink?

you have to come to terms
the reality flame must burn,
you cant live your life like this
if youre living like a fish...

trapped in endless water,
do you ever even bother
to look at yourself and say
there has to be a better way.

there has to be happier days,
a tree with perfect shade
an unflawed picture in its frame
life cannot be a waiting game.
natalie Nov 2020
in my dreams
it makes it seem
that my life is a beautiful twisting stream.

but when i wake up
and i lie in bed,
the dreadful thoughts and feelings
coming running through my head.

i only want to sleep,
so the feelings cease to creep
up the back of my thighs,
through my spine and down my sheets.

the world makes me tremble,
and feel so nimble
my life needs to reassemble.

in my dreams, i feel it there
something that im not aware
so i do not wake,
i do not dare.
  May 2019 natalie
i swear
the Universe
inside of us grew
as we danced along to
all the pain we once knew
  May 2019 natalie
geese                                                                soar
    as if                                                        they
         have                                          nothing
              to wor                       ry  about
                      they                  just
                          fly              in
                            the     shape
                                of  a
natalie May 2019
your love fits like a glove,

but the glove has been doused in gasoline and lit on fire.
natalie Apr 2019
you're mad at me because i can't control my heart,
how am i supposed to feel while you're ripping me apart?
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