natalie 4d
theres a block in my brain
can't even say my name

holding me back
like a thumb on a tack

falling off the end
closing before begin

keeping a straight face
put me in my place
natalie Oct 8
your words are that of gold
melting into my brain
i am refreshed
natalie Sep 11
w o r d s  s o  s w e e t
  Sep 5 natalie
She’s a thousand lightening bolts to me
Catastrophic and bright and she makes everything sting
She makes everything sing
She makes everything sound good

She’s a light pink dress to me
Bold and skin-tight and she makes it seem easy
She makes it seem rudimentary
She makes it seem almost arbitrary

She moves mountains
With soft, moonlit smiles
She wrecks havoc on earth
By parting her hair one inch to the right

She’s a home to me
An island and a cage and she makes me feel safe
She makes me feel anchored
She makes me feel formidable with her faith in me

She’s not taller than me
She’s not faster than me
But when she moves,
I can barely breathe
  Sep 5 natalie
i poured love down your throat
and i ached every time it dripped down your lips
and by the time you finally swallowed it

i had no more to give
  Sep 5 natalie
flowers bloom recklessly inside my lungs
when you undress
  Sep 5 natalie
alcohol hits my tongue
and I forget you’re not mine

you move like poison
your dress is ink
a particular type of sin

alcohol hits my tongue
and I forget you’re not mine

I feel like red
my blood is breaking skin
I can’t hold it in

alcohol hits my tongue
and I forget you’re not mine

moonlight falls like silk
it makes waves over me
and you seem at home in that sea

alcohol hits my tongue
and suddenly I’m alive
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