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J Johnson Nov 2018
To mean the world you project beauty together
To mean the world, you project beauty together
Appreciate the appreciation for all the things that come naturally I love you,
Words are nice to hear but better to feel
Gestures of the heart fuel the boat which sails into the direction of the sunset
Into paradise
Long days filled with noise, she becomes, his peace
He represents each flower combined to make the bouquet she chooses to display in prime location,
They can’t take what she claims to be hers,
His words are anchored by his actions; guarantor to his promise, his consistency, loyalty and respect, it’s the thought that counts,
He perceives the heart as half full empowering every day with his presence, to be more beautiful than the last,
Painting illustrations which one day will become her fondest memories
Her thoughts escape on a train of spontaneity never able to predict the 1st page of the next chapter
Kisses are slow and passionate allowing relsease from the shackles of time birthing moments to live free and exhale
True love never dies it flourishes and it compliments the world we live in
His love motivates her as she motivates him to become the best version of himself
For her
To mean the world you project the beauty in each other
J Johnson Feb 2018
When your heart says yes but your mind says no
It’s difficult to choose which path to go
Easy to advise, but when it’s your time
The game transforms like Optimus prime
If you have to choose between the two
People say it’s something you just have to do
You can’t have your cake and eat it too
If only the future was predictable
Even slightly to predict the best choice for the fore seeable,
Future, Like a sunrise or a sunset or what people will say when you tell them that water is not wet
When you make an investment you should follow it through
From the end , to the start through the middle too
As long as it takes until you reach success
But the grass on the other side might actually be best
It’s hard to believe that who came second could be worth your time
Because she was not first in line
will number one always hang on your mind
Who even wants to be second best
It’s not fair to say what’s hers is hers and what’s hers is mine
Apparently when you love something you have to set it free
And if it comes back then forever it will be
But she set him free and he’s on his way back
I guess it’s clear that the saying is true
He is on his way back to number one and not number two

— The End —