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Vania Irene Nov 2018
she was like the sun,
and i think i was blind
because i stared for too long.
Vania Irene Nov 2018
i was born and raised
in a home of apocalypse.
all those
never-ending conflicts,
and endless wars
have wounded me deeply.
abandoned, and ignored
by people who should have taught me
about the definition of love.
but instead,
their actions shaped me into a person
who is so good at pretending,
for all to see that i grew up in
the name of love and affections,
when all i have ever witnessed
was hate and abomination.
Vania Irene Nov 2018
i want you to be my art.
so, let me paint you in my sentences.
for i am your poet, and you are my poem.
Vania Irene Nov 2018
let me tell you,
do not stay in a relationship
that makes you questioning your
worth, or a relationship
that feels like a big question mark.

you deserve someone who loves you
without looking back,
someone who does not make you
a second best or option,
someone who does not involve
you in the comparison game.

because you are not a void filler,
you are not a backup plan,
you are not a second choice.

let me tell you your worth
and what you deserve;
you are a galaxy with all its beauty,
you are all the best parts about art.
you deserve someone who is willing to give
the world to you.
Vania Irene Nov 2018
i have seen too many women in my life
broken, bruised,
and wounded
by men who could not calm
their dck.
Vania Irene Nov 2018
i have been dreaming to find someone
that could be my life-saver.
but actually,
i am not sure.
i know deep down,
the only one that can save me
is myself.
Vania Irene Nov 2018
my life, my heart,
and my soul are locked and closed doors.
love me right, and i will give you the key.
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