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Bring out the lights
The ones that glow orange and purple
Slip on your black and white tights
And plant some spiders
We're bringing the aesthetic
Creepy glam and full face
If there isn't a pumpkin involved
I'm not interested
Let'***** Party City
And get this started
I can be Inigo and you can be Buttercup
Or I can be Noel and you can be Sandi
We can dress up as our favourite
Spooky characters
I'll go full axe murderer
And you can be a creepy doll
We'll hit the streets
As wasted teens
They can tell us we're too old
But what do they know
Collapse back home
To watch horror movies
Stay up all night
On fright and candy
This isn't just one day
It's a two month event
So let's get real spooky
And live while we can
It's spooky season, *******.
Also yes, it is August. Do I look like I care?
Sam Nov 2018
Depleted of hope, we sit like Jack'o'lanterns
Crowding the patios of local bars
Empty inside as we sip different craft
Avoiding alcoholism by indulging only in the premium
But in this niche we've  learned to shine
To smile amongst one another
Are own limelight is born
A community are own, as we travel this bittersweet path together
I haven't been writing much lately as life has been busy. Best of wishes to all my fellow poets :) Know I'll always appreciate you all, and your beautiful writing, even if I'm not on here as often.
jas Oct 2018
haunted ghosts roam around
in the dark of the night
you might get spooked if you see one in front of your eyes
don’t be scared for halloween only comes but once a night
the dead come alive
giving you chills down your spine
although, if caught by a witch
i suggest you run
she’ll put a spell on you just for fun
Alienpoet Oct 2018
Rain falling on the decomposing leaves
cold autumn air breathed in warm lungs
the wind blows muttering ghost stories
into our ears.

Pumpkins carved into wickedly twisted smiles
as we dress up for Halloween discos and parties with style
gathering sweets as we go
while the full moon glows.

Bonfires built as we wait for the 5th of November
when fireworks will explode and sparkle in the night sky
we remember the gun powder plot
as we toast marshmallows on the bonfire.
Ash Rose Oct 2017
Red leaves on every tree
Falling to rest on the ground
Candles in every room
Smelling of apple and spice

Orange pumpkins with scary faces
Smiling as the people pass by
The light of the moon like a small star
Thousands of miles away

Yellow sun shining on heads
Warming the frozen fingers
Both birds and children call
To mothers and fathers, to friends and family

Brown hair in its own battle
Wrapped up un a striped scarf
Hot chocolate with cinnamon and steam
Drunk from a ceramic mug

All these things come together
These are the colors of Autumn
I originally wrote this in German... and it rhymed then, but not now.
Silvana Franco Oct 2017
The night is soft and billowy,
Beckoning me deeper into her velvet embrace.  
The dark air caresses me,
Like a smooth, silken hand stroking my face.

The breeze carries with it the scent of autumn;
decaying leaves, campfire smoke, pumpkin spice and pine needles.
A heady cocktail that rouses something in me that no other season can.

This, is my favourite time of year.

The bare trees, colourful leaves and crisp breeze soothe my mind.

The long nights of candlelight and incense soothe my soul.

Draped in moonlight and watched over by the stars,
I drink the wine of ancient Roman nights,
of sacred pagan rites,
of owls' sleepless flights,
of lustful lovers' bites,
That dark and warm midwinter wine.

And it is here

As I lie naked beneath the gentle gaze of the moon,
Vulnerable and exposed,
Innocent and joyful,
With child-like wonder at the beauty that surrounds and encompasses me,
Sipping the crimson nectar of the gods,

That I feel whole.
Swords and Roses Nov 2015
he plucks orange leaves
orange is his favourite shade
rain seeps through the soil
harvest brings food aplenty
flavours: pumpkin, cinnamon
Jennifer Louise Oct 2014
Their hallow heads hold fire after being carved by kids. I wonder how they do that, gouge a gourd for human fests. I bring them water every day, until they grow with might, these now seedless pumpkins that glow all through the night. They say they scare the ghosts away but none yet have I seen except the ones of the rotted skeletons that were once these.
Roisin Sullivan Sep 2014
Pumpkin spice and apples
Tease my nostrils as
The fuzz on my sweatshirt
Tickles my cold skin

— The End —