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What you see
It isn't me

I didn't go there looking for you
I went looking for me

But here you are
and somehow in finding you
I think I've found myself to
Eliseatlife Sep 22
If love is a battlefield
Then I must have forgotten all of my armor at home,
Its a war I never agreed to fight
Eliseatlife Sep 6
When a door closes
Knock on it a few times

But if it still does’t open
Let it stay closed
Eliseatlife Aug 10
she was in pain
and when she was alone
the tears came out as rain
but she hid it so well that no one will ever know
how heavy it really was
Eliseatlife Aug 4
I can't describe it
it's a feeling
just like air
I can't grab it
Eliseatlife Jul 25
Like a flower
I will bloom again
As winter passes
Eliseatlife Jul 15
Everyone wants some magical solution for their problems
But everyone refuses to believe in magic
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