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Eliseatlife Mar 16
Why is
Eliseatlife Dec 2020
When people see something they don't believe,
They first doubt themselves
and then the world around them

But sometimes it is the world that is inexplicable
Eliseatlife Sep 2020
If I can’t play against the best
Then I’ll never be the best

But I try
Eliseatlife Jul 2020
Watching birds fly free
I like that, I want that to be me
Waking up and hearing the birds sing
In every season
summer, winter, fall and spring
That makes me happy

The late night talks with friends
Where we don’t have to watch the time
Making memories that will never end
That makes me happy

Standing by the ocean
Looking around and watching the sunrise
Listening to the sound of the water
And hoping that this is what I will always remember
Breathing in and breathing out
That makes me happy

Being with the people I love
Where I can be who I want to be
Hearing them laugh and having fun
That’s what I love to see
That makes me happy

All these things make me happy
All these things make me feel,
that I am the happiest person in the world

Eliseatlife Jun 2020
I don't know
If you like it or not

But that doesn't matter anymore

I like it
Eliseatlife Jun 2020
You are just like music
Always on the right beat

But if you are no longer here
I am out of my rhythm
Eliseatlife May 2020
Secrets are there to keep
We hold them very tight,
As we go in the darkest nights

I always kept all the secrets,
The secrets that were for the good and the bad

Some are easy to keep
Some are heavy that I can't sleep

But I kept them for you,
And that is what I always will do

I trust you

So I hold them tight,
As I go in the darkest nights
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