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You gave me something
I never had

and now its gone
Sitting here
Staring to the world around me
Listening to something I want to hear
Waiting for you to come
Looking for the key
To open me
I have to go
To a place I don't know

I do it all for myself
Not for you

I wanna know another me
So that I can be free

I go to a place where I can think
Where I know what I want

I do it all for me
Its a place where I can see

That place is my mind
And there is the me, that I hope to find
Despite all those thoughts in my head
The tears in my eyes

"I'm fine" I will say

Always keep going and never give up

Finding myself back searching through all those thoughts

Something you have to give time

I am busy searching, it only takes a while

Then I will find it again
Like a little light in the darkness
I am a thinker. I have not been writing poems for that long, I may not be so good in English but I am trying. I now put all the words that come to my mind on paper, and that feels very good
you are strong enough to face it all,
even if it doesn't feel like it right now
How do you let go,
From what you want to keep?

You know I'm always there for you
And there they are again, my tears over my cheeks in blue

There is just one thing I have to do
and that's letting go
of YOU
Eliseatlife May 13
You have shaped me into something
I never wanted to be

but that's okay,
I can't blame you
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