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fray narte Jul 2019
she liked vibrant colors.
how could she not?

i mean,
see how striking
red looked

against the paleness
of her wrists
Jordon Rivir Jan 2019
It hurts the most,
You were never mine.
I constantly think of you,
But you were never mine,
I wished I'd be the Apple of your eye,
But you've had all the girls,
And you were never mine.
I feel the pain of a million lifetimes,
Of me loving you and you dropping me like a dime.
I've cried ponds, into rivers,
Deep and blue like oceans and seas is how deeply I feel for you.
Knowing you were never mine and pretending to be yours.
Sadly hanging on your words like naive girls for boys.
I release you into the eternity to find the love of which you speak.
I release you into eternity, where you can love everyone but me.
It hurts the most when you were never mind.
I spent lifetimes blindly trying to open your eyes.

C.T. Wordz
I fell in love with the fire of my soul, and still he wants me not. A tragic love story that stretches through lifetimes and universes...I know him but he will never love me the way I've died for him.
I like to pretend I'm in love
So I can feel like myself again
Melili Feb 2018
I trusted you,
by your good advice.
But now I know,
how you feel beside me.

I trusted you,
but you stab my back,
one by one.
Not just once,
but more than twice.

I trusted you,
but now your words
mean nothing to me,
because your action
spoke the truth.

I trusted you,
but this going to end.
Because I know,
I can't trust you anymore.
You were the only person that I can trust. But you action make me feel you lies in me. You promise me that will never leave you, no matter what. And you are the first person that leave in my life. You said to me that I was the Cutest girl that you ever know. And now you said another girl she is more cute. Can i trust you again?
Melili Nov 2017
To my brain: "It's sad when the person who mean a lot to you is now becoming a stranger in you life."
Friends and heart: "Try to talk to him, try to fix your mistake, try to tell him what you feel for them, try everything to not let them go."
Me: " I did try, but nothing works. Everything it goes wrong."
This is for my beloved one. He leave me because I was not good for him, but at least let be friends. We now don't talk a single hi. I don't know what to do. Tell me what should i do. Should i let go?
Lily Nov 2017
I guess it was obvious to an outsider looking in
These rose colored glasses nearly blinded me
My personal psychic predicted down to the hour
I took it as a suggestion
                                      And not the best lead  i've ever had
I think an upstream swim is fun
nearly drowning is my specialty
helena alexis Oct 2017
she was a rose
a near dead one
her petals are wilting

she’s out of water
she needs to be protected
for she is a rose

a rose who needs love
a rose who has been
stepped on again
and again and again

this poor flower
has been through
so much that it’s
nearly dead after
only living a sad
short life
a poem about my friend who is going through some really hard times right now
helena alexis Sep 2017
thoughts penetrating deep in your mind
impossible to end the voices in your head
people think you're crazy; insane

"worthless" "failure" "**** yourself"
the voice in your head says

making you suffer
wanting to end it all
maybe one day
just. to. make. it. stop.

- demons
wrote this when I was in a very dark place and I still am
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