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fray narte Nov 2019
his chest was the ground caving in
in a matter of seconds;
it was the streets' sudden tremors
the wall cracks
and chipped rocks.
his gaze, hauntingly sad,
it was almost inviting.
and i was a girl,
all white dress and wide eyes
not really knowing any better;
steps, too careful
walks, too slow,
tracing the faultlines
misplaced on his skin;

it was an open field —
an open target for the lightning to strike
and leave its marks
and i was just a girl,
looking for poems
where they shouldn't be found;
on the palm creases,
and the curves of his lips.
i walk,
all tentative tiptoes
and a wrong step;
falling into each hollow,
each crevice,
each slit.

he was an earthquake, waiting to happen
seismic and sudden,
taking everything down.

and i — a nameless girl,
an inkblot for face and limbs
a paramour,
a secret,
all wrapped into one.

i — a doorstep kiss,
an uncertain touch,
a bedpost notch,
all wrapped into one.

and i — a jamais vu,
a face in the crowd,
a nameless casualty,

all wrapped into one.
fray narte Sep 2019
Some days, the emptiness isn't even obvious. You're brushing your teeth or putting on your favorite denim jacket or adjusting your wristwatch and it's there, lurking and you don't mind at all. It almost feels normal. Right, even.

But there are days and nights — mostly nights, when it feels colossal, you can't ignore it. There are times when it stares back, it's impossible to pretend it's not there. There are times when it feels out of place and you just sort of wanna dig for what's dead inside, or claw through your ribcages, or crack your chest open — anything, just to get it out of you.
helena alexis Sep 2017
sleepy boys with tousled brown hair
and piercing green eyes; a smirk
plastered on their faces

sad girls with unkempt blonde hair
and lonely blue eyes; tears streaming
down their faces

i love you the boys say
no you don't the girls reply

- fuckboys
Anne Korte Aug 2014
guys like you don’t fall for girls like me.
beautiful people like you don’t pay full price for damaged goods
like me.
they don’t pursue crazy.
they don’t want masochistic.
they don’t love freaks.
good guys don’t love sad girls.
they want girls who shine in the sun.
they want girls who can keep it together.
they DESERVE girls who don’t need to be glued together.

but girls like me NEED guys like you.
we need nightingales.
we need priceless sunsets and ocean breezes too.
we need someone to glue us together
                 to keep us kept together
                 to give us a reason to shine
we need guys who will love us for all of our scars,
even if we gave those scars to ourselves
even if those scars are so deep that they haven’t stopped bleeding yet
even if a kiss and stitches won’t fix us.
we need you.

and if you stay,

we’ll love you for all of your scars too.

— The End —