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Jordon Rivir Aug 2020
Everyone else,
Has theses “normal” kids,
They think they are special,
When mine really is,
You can’t compare or empathize,
For what I produced
From between my thighs,
Has haunted me since his diagnosis,
Believing I can help him,
But I’m foolish,
Every parent is going to need help,
I need to admit that,
I’m better than no one else.
Jordon Rivir Aug 2020
I’ve simply lost sight,
The landing I can’t see,
I can’t find the person,
I used to want to be.
I woke up one day,
Nothing to believe,
I live comatose,
With nothing to dream.
I need help, but I’m ashamed of my failure. I can’t help my son, because I can’t help me. I don’t want him to drown with me, he deserves better than that.
Jordon Rivir Aug 2020
I’m out of touch,
Not in the loop,
Don’t like celebrities,
Don’t know “the scoop”.

I’m not cool,
I don’t follow trends,
I’d rather not gossip,
Don’t have any friends.

I’m not very popular,
There’s no place I fit,
If you get to know me,
I’m truly a *****.

I’m so lame,
I don’t know the music of the times,
I’d don’t like club or parties,
I don’t like waiting in lines.
I don’t like feeling different,
When I’m in a crowd,
Anxiety takes over me,
She’s talking so loud.

I’ll just bleed in
To the walls and decor,
I’ll lock myself away,
I’ll hide from it all.

I just don’t know how to be,
How to follow and still say I’m free,
Don’t look my way,
For ANY sympathy,
Everything is sugarcoated.
Everything but me.
Jordon Rivir Aug 2020
To all the days,
I’ve spent alone,
Trapped in my head,
Perched on my throne.

To all the noises,
Inside my head,
They shout all night,
They want me dead.

To all the doubts,
That rattle around,
They **** me up,
Until I drown.

To tomorrow,
We will see,
What you bring,
Who I’ll be.

Like a feather,
I flitter away,
To sun kissed daydreams,
To glossy eyed memories.
Under the weight of it all, I just wish I could fly away.
Jordon Rivir Aug 2020
You ever have so much to say,
And no one to listen to you?
Have you ever felt your thoughts rushing,
Sprinting, exasperating draining *** I have?
Do you feel alone at home or out and about,
Not a friend nor lover no one or nothing to do?
Boredom can cause destruction,
Creation can **** boredom.

Talk to myself til a story brews
I like stories and I like to talk.

Walk by myself night or noon,
I prefer the moon to guide my walk.

Alone? so what have a 3 hour call,
My mom and I talk cartoons for an hour alone!

Go ahead and quote me,
How’s the old saying go?
Idle hands are the devil’s workshop,
That seems unfair to use idle,
To insult a person with a title of sloth,
And to quote the Bible too!

Everyone doesn’t have a craft,
Artist make for everyone,
A gift to every patron,
Art pleases the big and small, near and far, Z-A.
Whatever you’re going through, channel it into something beautiful. Don’t let anything or anyone tell you stop, or you’re not good, or no one cares, never stop ignoring that noise. For’s me. I have to learn to coexist with a side of me that I hate. Time to make lemonade.
Jordon Rivir Aug 2020
I wanna hold’ ya hand,
Tell ya it won’t always feel this way,
I wanna tell ya tomorrow will be betta,
I wanna make ya believe in today.

All the promises will prevail,
All ya friends will come through,
That you’ll have a happy ending,
But my love it’s just not true.

So I’ll squeeze ya,
Hold  ya close,
Tell ya you’re important,
‘*** that’s what we need to hear most.

Lookin back I’d tell that girl,
“Everything is going to be ok”,
Lookin back at that girl,
Prayin she’d never become me.

Haunted by the memories,
That girl I used to be,
Tortured by reality,
That warped my identity.
I’m to young, to feel this *bleeping* old.
Jordon Rivir Aug 2020
Water ripples, wind blows,
Water drips, leaf tip,
Water quenches, gratefully sip,
Water’s evolved, fish, irrigation, canals, and cruise ships.
Water water, water!
Wat-er, wha-ter, is what her
Eyes drip?
Moist damp wet water,
She cleans the land feeds the soil
Water water water!
The water is in turmoil!
Homes, families, organisms unknown,
Water is home.
Dolphins and turtles,
Plastic bags and six pack strands,
Beautiful creatures,
Water martyrs.
No more are the shores pure.
The water is at war.
“We should do more”
We’ve done enough.
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