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CT Wordz Nov 2019
The rose will die,
The thorns will ***** you,
A kiss from a rose
Love is
CT Wordz Nov 2019
It’s hard to feel great,
When you know you should.
Broken by wishes, wants, and dreams,
You can have them all,
You know you could.
Pushing forward to the goal,
All the things you pine for are yours,
Soon you’ll reign victorious,
I knew you would.
Despite all obstacles, just keep going. Things are not gonna be easy, and if they are, you should be suspicious and prepared for the inevitable. Take the good with the bad and reverse. Life is just that, a plethora of challenges to **** out the weak from the strong. Sometimes the strongest people were once weak and broken, but with each challenge accepted we gain strength.
  Nov 2019 CT Wordz
Deb Jones
I knew I couldn’t stay
I told you so from the beginning
I wanted to leave you smiling
At the memory of me
For the rest of your life
Please remember me fondly
CT Wordz Nov 2019
Pen, paper,
I lose control,
Something bigger,
It takes hold,
Dare I,
Sit and wait,
Am I,
To simply negotiate,
These words,
Words I own,
Won’t form,
Nothing to say,
Try again,
Pen in hand,
Page blank,
You mock me,
Provoking me,
What’s at stake,
My sanity,
For goodness sakes!
I was asked,”Do I ever have moments where you’re inspired to write a poem from nowhere?”
In response I said,”I think inspiration is something that can come from nothing, or nothing that can stem from something;something as simple as staring into the sun.”
I said yes and no, personally my best work(in my opinion/eyes) is drawn from inspiration, and sometimes I’m inspired “out of nowhere”.
CT Wordz Nov 2019
Back broken, knees weak,
Catatonic and traumatized,
Cannot speak.
Life’s misfortunes keeping you down,
Stand on your head,
Turn that frown around.
Smile why don’t you, if not for you, than smile for me. I love the phrase turn that frown upside down. It’s so silly and cliche, but it’s one of those cheesy phrases that will never go away. Just imagine a person is told to turn that frown upside down, and instead they just do a headstand/handstand. I’ll get what I can take
CT Wordz Nov 2019
I went on a walk,
Because I waned to run,
Away from everything binding me,
Instead I found myself,
Blinded and inebriated by the sun,
So I followed the rays,
The glare in my eyes,
It said,”Stay still my precious child,”
For the sun is food for the soul,
Rejuvenating young and old,
It’s worth more to me than diamonds and gold.
I’m on my morning walk, and like a moth drawn to the light I started to walk towards the sun. It’s getting colder and shade and darkness are trying to reign. The sun is healing.
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