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Andrew Hartnett Dec 2018
We clanked our wine glasses together
Suits for the occasion
And I tried to remember the names
Especially the ones who’s faces I recognize
One man in particular looks older than I remember, with a haircut far too young
Talking all about
The deal of the last year
Maybe a Christmas bonus this year
So he can go home to his wife
“Look honey we can buy another car”
And maybe this time she won’t sleep
With the neighbor
I shake his hand hard because the poor old b*stard needs something
And maybes its this extravagant event
guys like me shaking his hand firm enough
That he knows he’s important somewhere
And we are all impressed by his hard work and loyalty
Wyatt Dec 2018
Hugging on my collar,
her scent was stuck on me.
I felt such immense feelings,
like I was brought to life again.
We stared at starlight like
it was something brand new,
but her expression was
all that I needed to have fun.
She took the bad vibes
and absorbed them all,
converting them into
warm breaths on my neck.
I felt at ease, comforted.
She made me feel safe,
I felt happy for once.
She was still hugging,
almost like she knew
what I was missing.
I'm indebted, always.
this is she Jul 2018
i sat in my mother's truck for the first time in a week
his hair covered the cab seats
and stuck to my pants
i noticed his collar on the dash
all dogs die
but maybe they go to heaven
my dog passed away a week ago from yesterday. i feel so much grief, and i feel so guilty even though i didnt do anything. so heres an emo poem.
Poetic T Jun 2018
Enslavement beyond yearnings,
                   tied to the precursors
          of times submitted before.

But I'll never be held in solitude,
our right's to never be shackled.
We wear our freedom with pride.
Seanathon Jan 2018
A desk is a chain
And a door a weight amongst a wait
And yet men and women chain themselves
To merely familiar similar fates
On a daily basis they do base
Their admirations on those without chains
But it couldn’t be
That IT were THEY
That freedom were found in a more free way
Here to breaking patterns. Destroying expectations. Ans freeing yourself from the forgetful because.
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2017
and if someday,
some happy day
life grabs you by the collar
and knocks some sense
into your head,
don't think about it
don't fight it.

just remember
that somewhere
in the bottom of a wine glass,
you exist

-- Eleanor
Ron Gavalik Jul 2017
A young man with ***** hands
walked into the bar.
He sat next to a blonde
of about the same age
and ordered a beer.
"Don't even try to talk to me,"
she said in an arrogant tone.
The young man didn't speak.
Defeated, he climbed off the stool.
He took a pull from the beer
and then dropped a crinkled fiver.
As he walked out the door,
the girl laughed out loud.
She showed us all
who was boss.
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