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Robert Jul 2017
Stop to look at me like that!
Treating me with your eyes as if
I am the key holder for the lock to your happiness.

No, I don't have a magic stick
with some ultimate spells of enlightenment for you.
I am not here to break your shield of excuses,
that YOU build surround you by yourself,
that keeps you from your core
of inner wisdom and self love.

I am not the one who makes the act,
the decision of exchanging a dead plant
by a healthy seed.
You are the gardener of your own Eden,
you have the hammer,
the magic spell,
the key...
It's all in you.

When you look at me in all fascination and awe,
realize that you can only see in me
what you have in yourself.
Instead of looking for a role model in someone else,
behave like the role model you would like to see.
Look into mirror...
to see the person you should be striving for to be.
Be your own role model :)
everly Jun 2017
Everyone has a hero
Girls look up to their mothers
Boys look up to their fathers
sometimes viseversa
We always learn something from them
positive or negative
his father was supposed to be his hero
to save the day in times of distress
but his hero vanished
he didn't learn anything from
his hero but to
vanish when people need you
the most
another oldie
Bethany G Blicq Dec 2016
The best people

don't come from

anywhere in particular.

There is one

inside each soul;

do we ever

truly measure up?

Not to ourselves;

our own ideal;

maybe to another.
Written in 2016.
Bethany G. Blicq
Bethany G Blicq Dec 2016
Choosing to love
shows the world
what God is like.
is to manifest God.
By loving the entirety
of creation, we become
The Way, The Truth, and The Light.
Written in 2016.
Bethany G. Blicq

Thank you for reading!
Sam Dec 2016
She once thought she was strong,
She once believed she could take it all.

She sat, picking flowers,
giving them to her Mama,
as a sign of happiness and love.

She pranced through the halls,
in her long flow-y gown,
being told she could be whatever she wanted.

She became the little tom boy, with her hat on backwards.
She ran 'round with her brother and friends,
and used him as her role model.

As she grew older, she realized...
She was more like her brother than she expected.
But she's not alone.

He was alone.
He envies what she has,
What he lacked.

She realizes the mistakes,
The terrible things she should've stopped,
and the things she never started.  

He had no one,
She has two.
He told nobody,
She told few.
He was secretive,
but she knew.

She once thought she was strong,
She once believed she could take it all...
she once thought she could give up.

She reminds herself, He didn't.
He had no one, but he stayed strong.

He survived. She tells herself,
*So can you.
I know you are better than that.
It angers and frustrates me how;
Childish and ill-disciplined you can be.
A motto in which you follow unknowingly,
"Think before"
"Act later."
Think about us.
Think of how people see you when you are like that.
It disappoints me and has drawn me
To the point of a deepening depression when it comes to mind.
To see your role model disobey and,
Throw everything they have taught you,
Out the window.
We learn by example but have you
Evaluated your actions, especially
The ones' you exhibit to us?
It's your time to make a change.
Your life will fall apart if this continues.
I write this as a wake-up call.
Not only because I love you but
To see you become a better person.
It is your choice.
Mane Omsy Sep 2016
Running under shades
Frightened of the names
You carry, them blindly
They'll judge by your face

When did you touch
Another's heart?
Screaming to love me!
I'll be there soon

Tracing the footprints
And finding your way out
Don't know where they lead you
A dungeon or heaven
You should be careful about the person you take as a role model, you must learn about him/her
Bitter  tongues
Set forth
The best example
I know not to be YOU
Viseract May 2016
Back when I was younger,
Still growing and getting stronger
I was asked "what do you want to be when you're older?"
I said I wanted to be in the Army

Looking up to my Dad,
My absent role-model
As he fought overseas
He was my only idol

I wanted to serve a greater cause
Fight for what is right, no hesitation no pause
Just end what is wrong to make the world a better place
Meet these terrorists with a gun, fighting face to face

But then I heard some stories of war
A man went over not knowing what to fight for
Should he fight because he must, who could he really trust?
So many doubts and he ended up at Deaths door

Could you just imagine
All the carnage and the damage?
**** that, imagine standing next to
What remains of your friend

Being the one to carry him
Off of the battlefield
And laying him to rest in
An unscarred, peaceful, quiet field

I just don't think I could cope
No matter how much I want to fight
Torn in two, between wrong and right
Between the warmth of the dark and the cold light
Just reminiscing over some younger times
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