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Anshuman sharma Aug 2015
My Heart, in chains..
The heavier it grows
The more, it's restrained

Careful, my little one
Don't you grow fonder
For I fear,
It may be torn asunder..

My heart, in chains
Careful my little one
Not to love any further
For I fear
It would twinge like no other..
Rufaro TE Kaviya Feb 2015
Mentally encased, 6 by 6
With hope of an escape,
But only with the impending danger
Of returning
Leaving without resolution

                without closure

Only left scarred with memories
Even with a new-found 'freedom'
Never actually leaving the prison.
Left confined within our minds
Even whilst unbound.

               left in solitude to cope

Left to eventually drown,
Losing your last breaths,
Your last hold on sanity....

               Fighting a lost war

So I wait, till such a time,
For a release unguaranteed
But will know for sure
Of freedom and peace

- Rufaro Kaviya
Prepare to be entranced
by symphonic sounds
acuity and beauty
displays of pique
explosions of profanity
evocative waves
of love and adulation
restrained tones
profound as shadows
crossing a motionless road.
Dana Kathleen Dec 2014
Similar to a wave in the sea,
I cannot be restrained.
Rising up after falling
again and again.
Each time stronger,
crashing down harder
than before.
Resembling the messages sent in bottles,
rippling waves inscribed with purpose.
Drowning my anchors
in the deepness of the water.
Destroying what destroys me,
refusing to stop
kissing the shore line
even after being pushed away.
This is an older poem from my portfolio for my creative writing in Fall 2013
LeaveThisLife Sep 2014
I have this burden on my shoulders
It's weighing me down
I can't pick myself back up
I can't even move
You put this weight on me
Please lift it, forgive me my love
Please let me go, release me of your wrath
Don't hold my mistakes over my head like this
You place them so high I cant reach them
So I'm stuck here
Staring up at you from the ground
Buried underneath my burdens
M K Whitmore Jul 2014
The sun begins to set
I see us standing there
Hand in hand
Can’t help but stare

The moon and the stars
I see the beach, a fire, a glow.
Sweetly singing and dancing
You dipping me slow

You draw me near
With a whisper in my ear
A kiss on the cheek
I can’t even speak

Your piercing eyes
Could be my demise
Your shoulders, strong and bare
Wrap me up, take me anywhere

A knowing sigh
The ache in my heart
This longing
Begs us not to part

Passion restrained
Three words I know but can’t say
For that desired day
…and dearest, it will be worth it.
carolina haraki May 2014
My soul is trapped
Inside my dreams
My bones and skin
Can’t make me feel
I’m standing numb
As feelings sleep
Inside my cold and fragile heart
I’m either trapped inside myself
Or lost in an entangled world.
My soul is trapped
Inside my dreams
My bones and skin
Can’t make me feel
Marly Apr 2014
I have braces on more than just my teeth.
The only difference is that they won't be coming off once things straighten out.

— The End —