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Gemma Jan 28
I  attempted skinny dipping once. I was on a beautiful beach, with a former lover. I had a concoction of colourful cocktails coursing through me, too many that I couldn’t have completed that sentence, at the time, if I had tried!

I felt good, amazing even! I giggled and skipped, I breathed in the warm air, I glided towards the sea, I could smell the air getting saltier by the second, I could taste the ocean.

As I pulled at them, my clothes left me, They fell away with grace and floated off into the night. I am so feminine so free I thought! I almost felt as if when I reached the shore line my legs would leave me, a beautiful tail would form!

I would be a mermaid, I would dive in and it would be magic, I would splash and laugh, the moonlight would dance on the water, making my hair sparkle! I would glance back at the land and at my love, he would be raw with emotion, sad for my leaving, wonderment for the sensual, ****** siren I had become!!


On the way to the water, I kicked a small rock, fell to the floor like a sack of bricks and let out a noise I can only describe as a deep and gutteral mechanical whine.

As I lay there, disheveled and naked on the sand I could hear in the distance, the heavy laughter of my lover.

I gained some bruising, I lost a toenail and my dignity.

I havent attempted skinny dipping since.
wendee mcmoon Nov 2017
Surrounded by the lake, no soaking clothes glued to my skin
Just the ice cold water hugging me tightly.
The sound of the small lake waves lapping against the tiny, brown beach
Aside from my splashing and the occasional birds in the woods
Was the only thing that pierced the quiet of a silent, cloudy day.
The air was cold but the water was colder,
A frigid blanket hiding whatever lurked below.
The joy on my face was undeniable
Despite hidden under the tendrils of the loose strands of my ******* hair.
The New York mountain air combined with the lake scent
Despite the cold July afternoon
Undeniably smelled like summer.
Freshwater smells different than saltwater,
Like sugar cookies baking instead of chocolate chip.
And the taste of those freshwater summer sugar cookies
Are a taste I refuse to forget.
Written for Intro to Creative Writing class--assignment was "Bring a favorite photo to mind. Add sound, touch, taste, and smell to what you see and write a poem. Challenge yourself to come up with fresh images." I wrote this about a photo my friend took of me while we were skinny dipping in upstate NY.
Will Creech Sep 2015
Not so gracefully
We swam nakedly
Underneath the light switch in your childhood bedroom
Just a touch or two
We look up at the blue from the swimming pool at
The stars in the skies
Inside your eyes I dive
So dead not so alive
I'll be for another year or two
I don't know that much about you

Swimming in the cold waters
I feel a shame that bothers
Me. I don't know what you see
But it's something I don't know about me
Painfully I cry
And curse the good things in life and try to find my inner desires
You hold me tight under the stars in the swimming pool
A place in time a peace of mind

So casually we cease to be
A bittersweet memory
Of a time I wanted more than I could be
And now we might have a sight clouded by the darkness of a night
The stars are the only light to guide us through our dreams
When we dream you're going to dream with me
Life is another place separated from our dream reality
And at night the stars shine again.
Alice R-P Jun 2015
When starting a new relationship,
You will have to take off all
What's covering You,
Rip down the built up walls.
Similarly as going skinny dipping into the sea,
Leaving everything to the shore,
Jumping into the unknowing-
Naked and vulnerable,
Hoping for something fresh,
Something more.
Lipi Mar 2015
I want to try it all
A little bit of all

If I find joy I may dive...
If I dive I may drown...
If I drown I may die...
Despite this, I will always try.
M K Whitmore Jul 2014
The sun begins to set
I see us standing there
Hand in hand
Can’t help but stare

The moon and the stars
I see the beach, a fire, a glow.
Sweetly singing and dancing
You dipping me slow

You draw me near
With a whisper in my ear
A kiss on the cheek
I can’t even speak

Your piercing eyes
Could be my demise
Your shoulders, strong and bare
Wrap me up, take me anywhere

A knowing sigh
The ache in my heart
This longing
Begs us not to part

Passion restrained
Three words I know but can’t say
For that desired day
…and dearest, it will be worth it.

— The End —