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  Feb 2016 M K Whitmore
Austin Bauer
I waited for an elevator
It was an exceptionally long pause,
And there was a group of three arguing
Over the meaning of a clause.

I knew the answer to their query,
But questioned if I should reply.
Social stigmas can be strange
So I decided to be shy.

They searched their minds,
They racked their brains,
And I just stood there -
The answer boiling on my tongue.

My elevator arrived just then,
And I reluctantly stepped inside.
The doors closed slowly, slowly,
And I heard their voices die...

...So it is with my faith.
Many people are searching
And I have the answer,
But I am too afraid to speak.

So I step inside an elevator,
And lift myself above their problems
Pridefully rejecting the searching
Of those who need an answer.
M K Whitmore May 2015
hand in hand and two bright lights
moving through the calm night
leaves lit by the moon
hoping to find water soon
an eerie calm
loosely clasped palms
a sudden hesitation
and running imaginations
whispering with you
over a noise or two
a light disappeared
slight unacknowledged fear
****** rising
emotions heightening
a disturbance in the leaves
a tighter hold, a startled scream
you called my name
two large ears hopped away
laughter ensued
steps continued
the destination seen piece by piece
place to rest and regain peace
a rushing water found
feet slowly moving with arms around
to an unheard beat
water and rock beneath our feet
under the flecks of stars through trees
perfect night with you next to me
  Aug 2014 M K Whitmore
Lauren Nicole
will you share in an adventure with me?
a wild and wonderful venture
bring your camera.
i'll bring my journal and hat.
we'll take to the tracks
the hidden trails in the wilderness.
ones known only to us.
adventures are the best way to learn,
and so it begins:
journey on.
  Aug 2014 M K Whitmore
Marty S Dalton
Unless your bucket list is in pencil
Unless you’re content in front of your television
And your eyes see better than your heart does
If you heard on the radio that intellect killed hope
And read on the message board that we never needed hope in the first place
Unless you see unfiltered
And the light in your eyes is not a reflection of anywhere you’ve been
If there is nothing out there
And you’ve seen it before anyway
Take note:

When every metaphor ever built
Has fallen apart
Love will be a voice saying, here I am
Saying fight to take that deep breath one more time
Find me up ahead and run to me
The horizon isn’t as far away as you made it out to be
And looking over the edge will be the sweetest thing you have ever done

When every metaphor ever built
Has fallen apart
Love will still be saying: “get out there and find me” as directly as it can
Pleading with you to be a part of something bigger
Something lasting and dangerous
And hard to believe
The evidence is the beauty that you’ve seen
Miracles are not so different than dappled light through the canopy of trees
And that judging by the way it dances down the creek bed, water must hear music that no one else seems to believe
But there is a peace in that music
And a whisper in that dance
And if you listen long enough
You will feel some of your coarseness wash away
And that refinement is love
Look, even the stones lose their edge
Here’s to saying: “Look!”
To saying “You have to see this!”
To: “Come with me!”
“Let’s go!”
“Don’t miss this!”
“We’re explorers!”
“Let’s get out there!”
Adventure is only half going
The other half is who goes with you
The eighth wonder of the world is being together
And while all stories will end they can be shared forever
No paradise is complete alone
But love is an eternal home

When all metaphors ever built
Have fallen apart
Love will still be saying
Get out there
Find me
This poem was actually inspired by a photo submitted to my website as part of a little contest I held. Thanks to Jolene OBrien for the photo, which you can see at
M K Whitmore Jul 2014
My heart and flesh long for your warm embrace,
the feel of your lips, the gaze of your face.
Everything in me says, “yes, you’re the one,
my happiness, my all, my shining sun.”
The world says, “go, have him, know him, he’s yours.”
My flesh wants you, but my soul knows there’s more.
Your arms make me feel wanted and secure.
It’s playing with fire trying to stay pure.
My heart sings when you say I’m adored,
but really what is it my soul longs for?
Boyfriend, you were not created for me
and neither was I made for you simply.
Each were made to glorify God above,
to know Him intimately and to love.
As much as I love you, I love Him more.
It’s my Father my soul truly longs for.
The closer we get, the more I can see,
it’s only Jesus that can set us free.
I don’t want you to think I’m ditching you;
to do so would break my heart into two.
I’m saying let’s keep our eyes on the prize:
the eternal which truly satisfies.
I love our sweet love, but His sets us free.
We’re better together on bended knee.
"If we saw Heaven, we could not bear this earth. That's why Heaven is forever: we cannot bear to leave it after we get there." -C.L. Allen
  Jul 2014 M K Whitmore
Paula Lee
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Call this assurance if you must;
But when it's time to say Farewell
To one you love, it's just plain hell.

There are no words, no healing balm,
To fill the void, to ease the calm;
And not a thing that one can say
Will drive the quick hot tears away.

We look upon the empty chair
And seek the one no longer there;
And so heartbreaking is the pain
We question if we'll meet again.

How grim indeed, if death should be
The Bitter End--- Eternity;
Just some vague dream conceived by Man
And not a part of any plan.

But God has taken such great care
To note the sparrow in the air;
His Love alone can cover all
And Mark a simple Sparrows' fall.

And if he cares for the birds that fly,
then he must hear My Anguished cry;
"Dear God, I yield my grief to Thee
For Thou alone can comfort me."
To Everyone who is struggling with Grief
M K Whitmore Jul 2014
An excuse to hold eye contact with you
Such soft giggles and deep laughter ensue
You take my hand or go around my waist
Dancing, between us with less and less space

Your breath and mine, the only tune we need
I could dance all night to your slow heartbeat
Our feet drag easily through the cool sand
You spin me around, my heart in your hand

The rise and fall of the waves’ trough and crest
Parallels with my head on your broad chest
Much more than rain was our gift from above
Protection, and a sign of God’s great love

Fire between us must remain subdued
I’m falling, sweet Joshua, just for you
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