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Lee Aaun Mar 30
curiosity alone
can cause problems,
but when it mingles
with resilience
you create a different story
your story, you create it
Val Vik Mar 21
The cracks within dried fruit
of my mind-meadows
dampened by teardrops.
The seeds synthesizing patience
for Poppies to emerge and sprout
back into flaming rubies
from the dirt, the dew,
and the bits of ash.
First attempt at kenning OE!
Mind vegetating on its own actions. Gardening the wounds of a broken heart; the strength of grief, crying is not weak.
Thank you.
Thank you for carrying me,
against the wind, the jagged rocks and tainted floorboards.
Thank you for enduring,
the pain, the burden, and heat.  
In sadness and in grief,
I torture you, standing, waiting, depleting you of your vitality.
In happiness,
I dance, prance, shake, and run,
I oversee your longevity, as you harden to sustain
my happiness.

All that's left,
is an impression, an imprint in the sand that trails behind.
Effete and tired,
I thank you, my feet,
for carrying me through it all.
Allesha Eman Mar 18
Healing wounds
leave behind threaded words
as written declarations  
of all that you have survived
and I leave them here
for you
LannaEvolved Mar 15
Ingmar Bergman scenes and Jewel’s poetic dreams figurative memes spilled like ashes across the page to be holy, unheavy, and alive is a granted feeling of being on high

Like God, he told me, only words get washed away if not kept sacred

Inside the blood and the host
irrevocably so
Whatever blindness calls itself
There was nothing left to be said
And so I dropped that filthy knife

Hot with the stain erased spilling on its face cooled by a star

I am not in the creator’s mind
I found the him within me

The ageism and the orientation of today’s world is met with chaos from the stories of so many...
How do we move on from such loss?

I don’t need new age *** or dates with the illusion of a soulmate that follow what the tarot’s say I need to make me happy today

I lost someone, I lost something, and that is enough to feel it.
We are not here to deny another’s pain

Death’s foreshadowing pretenses could never prepare for a dream
Filled with the hollowness of holiness and shallow breath
Makes a night of manipulation evaporate

A year later, I sang as I carried myself away
I went the mile
I walked to the depths
3 years later to the date
April 20th

The day I released all of the hurt I chained
To my self worth as a bad dream
As an epiphany of the love I wanted
Like a little girl
Lost and waiting on the front porch looking out towards the sky wondering when the truth of my own love would come
To lose hope in intervals treading for reciprocity was the garden gate I needed to find myself anew

What I once feared was in me, was never in me and I yet the idea was at the same time

Strong diligence makes the heart grow that much more aligned to what creates your will, your beautiful will; a peaceful manifesto of a great new world
Allesha Eman Mar 14
An excerpt from a fairytale:

“You found what you needed from some token of love. Happiness lived at the end of bridges crossed and burned. You swim into an abyss of     oblivion and build a home in a sea of happily ever afters no one has dared to travel past.”

An excerpt from reality:

“What you needed, found you. You spend your days walking across broken bridges, mending what’s left of them and staring out at the horizon. Where the distant sun, ever so close, kisses your skin, and you are where you’re meant to be, manifesting the energy of healing.”
Melody Mann Mar 10
Breaking free from confinement her roots emerge,
Cracked ceramic cascades across the fractured memories she bore,
She is growing past the bounds they placed her in,
She is defying the norms they mistaken her for,
Her overgrowth is fierce and intimidates all so.

Dealt grief - heartbreak - and trauma this woman survives,
No vessel capable of containing her spirit,
Overgrowth is her resilience that pushes past the comfort of garden beds,
The skies sing her praise as nature paves her way.
Melody Mann Mar 3
oh precious flower,
we marvel at how you uprooted yourself in pursuit of a healthier home,
not only did you sow your seeds in foreign soil,
you defied the seasons to tend to their every need till they flourished into the blossoms we regard today.
your discomfort is now their triumph.
their victory reigns as a testament to your sacrifice.
A daughter of Punjabi immigrants, my triumph is testament to my grandmother who came to this country and raised a family. This is a testament to my mother who navigated a system unknown to provide me the foundation I stand on today. This is a testament to a sister who stood in as a mother on nights our mother was working away. This is to the women who made me who I am today. Happy National Woman's Month, may we respect the women in our life who contribute to our society and upbringing.
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