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Voice no longer heard,
Heart no longer sings.

She had sang before,
Fear grew deep within.

She feels it in symphonies,
Dancing in the streets.

Music is to her,
The earth no longer moves.

Today she sings alone,
Like a Siren lost in the deep.

-Kathia Mariana Landeros
Mel Mar 2015
My being craves a sun so vibrant
an unwinding summer
for my wilted heart anew
Heat that gives the air such humid kisses
leaving it stifling, sweet, and sticky
Rays of fiery gold
that pierce my cold, pale, and weathered skin
Rushes of warm air flowing over my body
heating me up
burning my skin
melting away my makeup
and carrying away the emotions
that I wear on my sleeve
My heart is eager
to be naive, carefree, and open
I long to be freed
to burst like an overripe plum
These walls I’ve built up
are ready to fall
Amitav Radiance Dec 2014
When you try to uproot
And displace precious lives
Roots grow much deeper
For the soil nurtures for ages
Not to let go
Roots spread their arms
Holding tightly to the loving *****
Growing resilience
And the trunk of will
Leaves of glory, and
Fruits of love
You may well uproot
Feeling triumphant
But you cannot displace the roots
From then shall spring new foliage
For roots are holding hands
To create a cradle
Where love is tended
And thus, born are the bravest
You may keep trying
But you won’t go deeper than the roots
A ugly green caterpillar,
wandering searching for purpose,
cocooned into a spiritual shield.

A beautiful colorful butterfly,
flying living for love,
renewed into a magical sword.
Through God, I was transformed into something beautiful. I used to be a ugly creature.
When the sun fades away, paving night's way
and the moon swoops in, riding a swift chill
as we sit on the sand, held in the moment's sway
i reach across and tuck, a curl gone astray

It seems like yesterday, strangers we were
the tide came and went, but I wouldn't stir
bobbing along the sea, a boat without an oar
drifting along to where, I couldn't say anymore

then you waltzed in, like a cool summer breeze
when i glimpsed you at first, time stood still
my heart that had gone dead, knew life again
a smile and a skip later, my demons were slain

I've never known love to hold magic such
as if I were a violin, strings begging to be touched
and you played a dream, that ripped me apart
kiss me my love, now that you've stolen my heart

— The End —